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Callaway Golf News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Callaway Golf Company manufactures a full range of golf equipment which includes woods, irons, wedges, putters and golf balls. They have been manufacturing innovative, high-standard and premium-technology golf equipments for nearly three decades now. Callaway Golf also licenses its brand name for apparel, footwear, timepieces and accessories.

It was founded by Ely Callaway in 1982 after he bought half of the stake in Hickory Sticks. Ely Callaway was very fond of playing golf and he revolutionised the sport for professional and recreational players. Ely became the president of company in 1983 and he renamed it to Callaway Hickory Sticks USA.

In 1986, the company became the first to use computer-controlled milling machines for flattening the surface of its putters. In 1988, the company had taken a major turn when it became Callaway Golf Company and debuted its new S2H2 technology based irons. By the end of 1990, Callaway's S2H2 drivers were number one on the Senior PGA Tour.

In late 1980s, as metal drivers began to displace those made from persimmon wood, they launched Big Bertha Driver, its first widebody, stainless steel wood driver. It was named after the World War I German cannon which was famous for its accuracy and distance. Big Bertha became so popular that it was soon being used by golfers everywhere because of its ease to hit a good shot. Over the past three decades, Callaway Golf has continued to introduce newer technologies and exciting improvements to its golf clubs. FT, Diablo, RAZR and X are the latest series of drivers and irons.

They have some long-standing relationship with some of the golf legends, which includes John Miller, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Annika Sorenstam. The products are endorsed by top ranking players of PGA Tour and European Tour, including Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els.


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“Getting Custom Fit With Callaway”


Hi, my name’s Pete Stamatis. And I’m the Director of Custom Fitting and Consumer Events here at Callaway Golf. Today, we’re at the Carlsbad Performance Centre one of our CPC’s in the U.S. Now, throughout the U.S, we have seventeen different locations for you to choose from and we have numerous locations throughout the world. Oftentimes, they go to events throughout the country.

I’m asked, why would I go through a fitting in a Performance Centre versus just going to a local retail store and going through a fitting. Well, that's a great question. And the first thing that I wanna share is at anytime you're buying new golf equipment, I highly recommend to go through a fitting to make sure that you’re buying the right equipment for your game. But what makes a Performance Centre different.

Really, it's three things, it's all about the technology that we use, the club specialists that we have trained to be able to help you and lastly it's all about the product selection. So, let me tell you first of all about the technology. The technology that we use is called CPAS, and that stands for Callaway Performance Analysis System and it's a system that we originally designed in are indeed to help design golf products. What we did find, is it worked really well also to fit our tour players.

So, we made it available not only the tour players, but now we've made it available to consumers so that they can use this great technology to get fit also. CPAS fix the data and it puts it into what's called the virtual test center and what you see here, is a look at some data from a shot did someone recently hit. Now this is why it's so important to go through a fitting at a Performance Centre is because when you work with a club specialist the second point that I covered at the very beginning, a club specialist can really take all this data and they can extrapolate that data and make sure that you're in the right loft.

And in this case, I would get a player into a lower loft to make sure that they're launching it and that they have the proper spin to really optimize distance. Now, the third thing about going through a fitting at a Performance Centre is club selection and one thing that we pride ourselves on is having a really wide product line. In fact, this year in our line, we have seven different iron models.

And in Performance Centers, we have not only all the models but we have many different links indifferent line angle for people to try and then in drivers, this year we have a razor fit driver and we have it in bunch of different lofts in the Performance Centers and then we also have the razor X black driver in our Performance Centers. We also have our fairway woods, we have our hybrids and we have them in all different chaffs for the player to try.

One of the things that we really want to make sure of is that when you come to a Callaway Performance Centre, you really enjoy your experience with us. When we design Performance Centers and we train our staff, we want to make sure that they're designed for players of all abilities. So when you come to a CPC, whether you're a elite player or whether you're someone just taking up the game.

We train our specialists to make sure that they deliver a great experience for you so if you’re really technical and you want to know all the technical information we can certainly provide that. But if you're not technical and you don't want to get into all these technical details, and you just want the club fitter to be able to recommend the right product for you, they’re certainly there to do that for you.

I welcome you to come to any of our Performance Centers throughout the country and I invite you and I think the one thing that you're gonna find, is that you have a wonderful time at the Performance Centre and you really walk away knowing that you're playing the right equipment for your game.

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