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Golf Bags - Golf Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Everyone needs a golf bag it is a must have piece of equipment to carry all your clubs and any other vital pieces of equipment you need to get you round the golf course. There are 2 key and main types of bag, the trolley/cart bag or the carry/stand bag. Many golfers will have both and we have a huge selection of both types for you to choose from. 

The sole main purpose of golf bag is to keep and carry your golf clubs and all the essential equipment you need to carry round with you on a golf course. 

We have hundreds of bags from a vast range of manufactures available for you, however how do you know which one to purchase and is right for you. Our buyers guide will help you to make a more informed choice.

Carry/Stand Bags

  • This style of bag will probably be the first type of bag you purchase. Considered to be the smallest and most lightweight these bags have been designed with the sole purpose of carrying on your shoulders around the golf course. These bags have been cleverly designed with shoulder straps so you can carry your golf bag in complete ease like you would with a rucksack. The handy stand legs that are attached to the golf bag, allows you to rest the golf bag down when you have stopped to play your shot and this will stand the golf bag up for you in a firm stance. This style of bag will sit on a trolley however we do recommend a cart bag for this as sometimes the legs on a carry bag can hinder how the bag sits on your trolley. 
  • Another style of carry bag that has become popular is the slim carry bag this is a much smaller version with less pockets and no stand legs sometimes with just the one shoulder strap, these have been designed for ultimate lightness and often used when you feel you do not want to carry much around with you. 


Cart Bags & Tour Staff Bags.

  • As suggested in the name cart bags have been designed specifically for the use of going onto a trolley. Much bigger and larger in design this bag allows you to pack and cram you bag full with more space available knowing you do not have to worry about weight and carrying because your trolley will take care of this for you. Many golfers will use their cart bag trolley all year round because they like to have the added extra room for all their equipment. You will have seen that Tour Golf Professionals and their caddy carry around a rather large looking golf bag, and this is your Tour staff bag, designed mainly for sponsorship purposes however this bag is the biggest of the bunch and you will find room for more or less anything you want to carry around with you on the golf course, although you may see golf caddies carrying these around it is with our recommendation you choose to carry this around on your trolley or in a golf cart. 


Key Stand Bags For 2018 


Key Cart Bags For 2018


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Golf Bags

There are several kinds of golf bags that can be used for carrying your clubs. Some of these include Pencil, Carry and Trolley. Whichever you choose, they need to be functional and useful to you while you are golfing. Your personal preference will weigh heavily on which type you choose. Each type has their own advantage over the others.
The Trolley style is on wheels and it will be pushed or pulled around the course to the different areas. You can put a full set of clubs as well as anything extra that you might need to carry with you while you are on your rounds.
Carry style bags are intended for carrying on the back. These too offer space for a full set of clubs as well as space for any items that you may wish to carry with you on the range. Many of this type of case today is used as a storage case for clubs during the off season because they tend to be quite heavy and difficult to carry.
The Pencil style is a smaller, more compact golf bag that is intended to carry only a half set of clubs. It is carried in a backpack like sling and is very convenient for short games such as nine holes.
When you are shopping for a product of this type you need to keep in mind that while the bags itself may be lightweight, when you add your clubs and any supplies you might need to carry with you, it may become too heavy.

For those with back problems it is a good idea to consider using the Trolley style as the only time it will need to be lifted will be taking it out of your vehicle and putting it back in. The Carry style will likely be too much weight for anyone with an injured back. The Pencil style is handy in the event that you don't want to drag out a full set for a quick round. 


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