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Golf Balls - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Golf Balls, aren't they just all the same and what difference do all these different brands and models really offer you? The golf ball is perhaps the most important part of your game, its the little white ball we want to go into that hole in as fewer strokes as possible. Golf balls are made for all levels and abilities of golfer to enhance and maximise the performance of our game, so its important we choose to play with the right golf ball. 


  • There is a huge array of golf balls on the market and choosing the right one can be a challenge. Do you choose a multi-layer, spin or distance ball? What manufacture should you go for Titleist, Taylormade or Srixon?


  • Getting the best ball for your game depends on your skill level and ability. A new golfer would benefit from choosing a hard ball that will give you the greatest distance. As your skill level and ability progress look for a golf ball that will give you more control and has a softer feel from the club.


  • For advanced golfer’s and professional’s, you will want to choose a golf ball that will combine both control around the green and distance from the tee. Choosing the right ball will allow you to be in full control of your shot and give you the best chance possible to get that ball in the hole. 


Distance Golf Balls


  • The distance golf ball is designed to do exactly what it says, this is a golf ball that is designed to be hard in feel and offer you the greatest amount of distance. As a new golfer starting out this is probably the best ball for you to choose, you will want as much distance as you can get while your learning and developing your swing. You will find as your learning you will not hit the ball hard enough & strike it well enough to benefit from a control golf ball, but as you progress this is when you can start to think about combing distance and control together. A popular and great choice in distance ball comes from the Brand Pinnacle 


Soft Feel Golf Balls 


  • A Soft feel golf ball feels soft on the clubface at impact and offers a relatively good amount of control for your short game. This type of ball has been designed for those who don't hit the ball very hard and would like some control around the green.  Soft feel golf balls are best used by more senior players and even some ladies. Srixon Golf offer one of the best Soft feel golf balls. 


Distance Control Tour Level Golf Balls


  • These will often be your most expensive high-end level of golf ball that offers you distance and full control combined. Used by more experienced and professional players the golf ball has been designed to be hard yet soft in feel of the clubface and offer you maximum distance off the tee and full control on the green gripping and stopping so you can place their ball where you wish it to land. One of the best brands and the number 1 ball on the tour that can offer you this is, Titleist and their Pro V1 & Pro V1X Range. 


  • Golf balls don’t just come in white there are many brands that offer yellow as well, the original idea behind using yellow golf balls came from those snowy day’s where it is easier to spot and find a yellow golf ball amongst white snow, however many people prefer to play with a yellow or coloured ball because it's more pleasing on the eye for them. 



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