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Golf Shoes Buyers Guide

Golf shoes are vital to get right, one of the key points to be mindful of when looking at golf shoes is that a round of golf involves a lot of walking, and you can be on your feet for up to five hours. If your shoes are not comfortable you may well be in some discomfort & this can have an adverse affect on your game. 


It is worth investing in a good quality pair of golf shoes as this will give you a good foundation to which you start your round of golf and you should ensure that they fit correctly, not too big or too small. If your shoes are uncomfortable it will be hard to concentrate on your game and maximise in your performance. 


When purchasing a new pair of shoes consider the same size shoe you would wear for everyday use or similar to a pair of trainers you may have. However there are some brands that can come a half a size smaller like what we have found with Adidas shoes. If you take a wide fitting shoe fear not, golf shoes come available in a range of different fittings from narrow, neutral, wide & extra wide so you can get that perfect fit. Considered the No.1 shoe in golf Footjoy have a fantastic range in style, size and fitting options to choose from. 


The soles of golf shoes have evolved over the years & the old fashioned steel spikes are considered to be a thing of the past. With new technology and design soft spikes & cleats have been fitted to golf shoes to provide optimum performance in grip. These plastic spikes spread wider across the sole of the shoe but are more lightweight & easily replaceable in design.


In more recent years growing ever popular with Tour Professionals in the dry weather are Spike-less golf shoes, these have been designed to feel light on your feet like your wearing your favourite pair of trainers with small dimple impressions on the sole instead of fixed spikes. These have become increasingly popular in comfort & style making you fashionable on & off the course, with many clubs allowing you to wear these in the club house, you can even drive home in them so you only ever need one pair of shoes on you. 


Many golfers will now have a spiked pair of golf shoes for the winter & wet conditions, then change to a lightweight spike-less pair for summer golf in those dry hot conditions. 



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