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Extended Christmas Returns

Shop with confidence at The Golf Shop Online.

We offer an extended Christmas exchange policy on goods purchased after the 18th of October 2023 and returned to us before the 19th of January 2024.

Our policy extends to

  • NEW, unused, and original box/packing, including clothing tags. 

Custom-built, printed, personalised or embroidered can not be returned. 

We are happy to offer an exchange or a credit voucher redeemable over six months

Customers still have the added benefit of our standard 60-day Money Back Policy, which applies to goods returned within 60 days of delivery. We also offer a 60-Day Play Better Promise on selected hardware, which means you can buy your loved one a new golf club, they can try it, and if not suitable, we will happily take it back. (t&c's apply)

Golf Chippers

The Latest Golf Chippers

One standout chipper from Odyssey is the Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper. This chipper is designed with advanced technology to give golfers consistency and confidence in their chip shots. The X-Act Tank Chipper features a hybrid-like design that combines the best elements of a putter and a wedge, allowing for easy alignment and smooth stroke execution. Its heavy Tank weighting promotes a stable and controlled swing, ensuring accurate chip shots even from challenging lies.

With the Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper, golfers can experience the benefits of a high-performance chipper that offers remarkable control and forgiveness. The chipper's perimeter-weighted design enhances stability and forgiveness on off-centre strikes, making getting the ball closer to the pin easier with every chip shot. Whether you're faced with a delicate chip over a bunker or a longer pitch shot, the Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper is designed to deliver consistent results and help you lower your scores.

Another notable chipper from Ping is the Ping Chipr Steel Chipper. Crafted with precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, this chipper enhances your chipping game and helps you achieve more accurate and consistent results around the greens. The Ping Chipr Steel Chipper features a stainless steel head with a high-strength steel face, providing exceptional durability and a solid feel at impact. Its specially designed grooves promote consistent spin and control, allowing you to control your chip shots confidently.

For those seeking a lightweight and versatile option, the Ping Chipr Graphite Chipper is worth considering. Featuring a graphite shaft, this chipper offers enhanced manoeuvrability and a smooth swing feel. The graphite construction helps optimize clubhead speed and promotes a more controlled and precise chipshot. With its balanced design and comfortable grip, the Ping Chipr Graphite Chipper gives golfers the confidence to execute delicate chip shots and get closer to the pin.

One impressive chipper from Wilson is the Wilson Prostaff SGI Chipper. Engineered with forgiveness and versatility in mind, this chipper is designed to make those tricky shots around the green easier. The Prostaff SGI Chipper features a wide sole and perimeter-weighted design, providing excellent stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits. This promotes a more consistent strike and helps golfers achieve more accurate and controlled chip shots. The chipper's lightweight construction and comfortable grip further enhance manoeuvrability and allow for greater shot-making confidence.

Wilson offers the Wilson Prostaff SGI Ladies Chipper for lady golfers, which shares the same impressive features and benefits as its male counterpart. With a women-specific design and thoughtful attention to detail, this chipper is tailored to the needs of female players, helping them improve their short game and achieve better results around the greens.

The Power of Chippers: Features and Benefits

  1. Versatility: Golf chippers are remarkably versatile clubs that adapt to various chipping scenarios. They excel at executing low, controlled shots with a consistent roll, allowing you to easily navigate tight lies, challenging bunkers, and difficult greenside terrain.

  2. Optimized Loft: Chippers typically feature a slightly higher loft than traditional putters, providing better lift and clearance over hazards, roughs, or uneven surfaces. This lofted design helps the ball get airborne quickly, reducing the risk of getting caught in deep grass or obstacles.

  3. Alignment Aids: Many chippers incorporate alignment aids such as sightlines or dots on the club head, enhancing your visual alignment during setup. These features instil confidence and promote more accurate chipping, improving performance around the greens.

  4. Consistent Roll: Chippers are meticulously designed to provide a consistent roll upon impact, allowing you to gauge distance and control the ball's trajectory with greater precision. The weighting and balance of the clubhead contribute to a smooth and reliable roll, minimizing the chance of mishits or erratic bounces.

  5. Stroke-Saving Efficiency: Chippers simplify your short game by reducing the complexity of chipping shots. With their specialized design, you can develop a consistent and repeatable stroke, improving consistency and fewer strokes on your scorecard.

  6. Enhanced Confidence: Using a dedicated chipper instils confidence in your short game, as you have a reliable tool tailored to address those delicate shots. The familiarity and trust you build with your chipper allow you to approach chipping situations more confidently, leading to better outcomes.

  7. Time-Saving Solution: Chippers can save you valuable time on the course. By eliminating the need to switch between wedges and putters for chipping, you can streamline your shot selection and execute shots more efficiently, ultimately speeding up your pace of play.

With these remarkable features and benefits in mind, let's explore a selection of top-quality chippers available at The Golf Shop Online. We have handpicked a range of chippers designed to cater to golfers of all levels, ensuring you find the perfect match for your short game needs.

Your one stop Christmas Shop
Free UK Delivery on all orders over £30*
60 day returns policy
• Fast delivery with full tracking information
Over 2 million products shipped worldwide
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