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Golf Putters - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

The Golf Putter is used more than any other club and is probably the most important club in your bag. As the old saying goes, you drive for show and putt for dough, I think many of us will agree that is a very true statement. By choosing the correct Golf putter your scores can certainly be reduced, but which putter should you pick, from the vast array available, from various manufactures. 

  • For the majority of amateur golfers the putter will be used for more than 35 shots in a round, however so often we do not invest enough into a good quality golf putter.


  • A top quality golf putter is a good investment as it may stay in the bag for many years. The choice is now massive and twenty years ago the variations in designs were few and far between, but now you have plenty of choice and model types  that you can choose from. 


  • Putters now come in a range of different model types. To make this decison easier explained below are the 2 general types of putter and the differences explained.


Blade Golf Putters 

  • This type of putter is considered to be slim in design lightweight and your more traditional in shape. Many years ago the blade style putter was the only option availble now through product technolgy and advancement we are seeing all kinds of shapes and sizes on the putting green. 


Mallet Golf Putters

  • These are the bigger and often heavier designed style of putter which we are seeing in all kinds of different shapes, but have the same performance goals. The Mallet putter has become more and more popular on the tour and amoungst amateurs.  


How Do I Know Which Model & Style Is Best For Me? 

  • The golf putter is a very personal club and alot of it is down to quite simply what feels best in your hands, and what looks pleasing on the eye at address. However if you have a few common faults in your putting it can be easy to spot which style of golf putter is best suited to overcome these issues. 


  • If you find that your putts are always coming up short, then you may want to consider using a slightly heavier putter, this would lean more into the Mallet design. The heavier putter will help to give you that added extra power in roll to get you ball to the hole. 


  • If your someone who finds that they are always going past the hole and struggle with slowing down the pace of your putts, then you may be using a putter that is to heavy for you. Consider a blade putter lighter in design this will give you more feel in your hands and help to slow down that pace of your roll. 


There are so many brands to choose from, below is a Hotlist of this years Putters we can be certain it is well worth you spending some time and money on a new putter to help combat those issues and starting holing more putts. 

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