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Golf Trolley Advice, News and Buyers Guide

A Golf Trolley is one of the essential pieces of kit that all golfers look to have that will carry all their equipment on the course and to be at complete ease. Many golfers are now switching to an electric cart as these have been proven to help a golfer have a more enjoyable experience, taking the stress away from your shoulders when carrying your golf bag around the course thats filled with all the essentials you need. Whether you choose a pull trolley, push trolley or an electric cart we can guide you in the right direction. Read more in our news advice and buyers guide.

  • The golf trolley is a simple device in that it has been designed to house your golf clubs & the wide range of essentials we need to take with us to the course, but the choice nowadays is much more vast. The amount of brands available on today’s market is greater now than ever before with so many different styles to choose from.


  • About 10 years ago the perception of electric trollies were considered to be for old men, however more recently this stigma attached has now changed with many younger players feeling like this is an essential piece of kit that can only maximize your concentration, performance and take the added stress away from your body to allow you to swing freely. 


  • Common questions asked when buying a manuel trolley are, should I choose a 2 wheeled or a 3 wheeled, would an aluminum or steel trolley work best. This can really be put down to personal preference, how much you would like to spend on a trolley, the size, weight, how easily it folds up and of course what you would like your trolley to do for you. 


Two Wheeled Pull Trolley

  • This is your traditional and most simple design in pull trolley, 2 wheels lightweight folds down into a neat and slim package thats easy to move around most of these trollies come with a scorecard carrier and a place to hold 1 or 2 golf balls. Perfect for someone who is starting out and wants the added ease of letting the trolley take the weight of your golf bag allowing you to concentrate on your swing. 


Consider looking at the Masters range for a great 2 wheeled pull trolley packed full off neat and simple features.


Three Wheeled Push Trolley 

  • This is an advancement in design and technology from the traditional 2 wheeled pull trolley. A manuel trolley with 3 wheels that allows you to be in front and push your trolley along with ease, the wheels are designed to be much bigger which allows a faster and greater amount of momentum to be achieved when pushing your trolley along. These trollies come packed with a lot more features such as a drinks and snack holder, ball/tee holders and scorecard holder. Many brands do have a range off accessories you can check out as neat extras to attach onto and go with your trolley. Although these are bigger in design the 3 wheel push trolley folds down into a very tidy lightweight size that is easy to move around and get in and out from your car. 


Electric Golf Carts

  • The Electric Golf Trolley has seen a major advance in design and technology to carry your golf clubs around the golf course. Since the early designs from one of the British pioneering brands PowaKaddy in the 80‘s we had 3 piece electric trollies with a standard 18 hole range battery, we have now progressed in to 1 piece trollies with 18 and 36 hole battery options and the latest in technology the lithium battery to really keep us going round the golf course and never stopping. 


  • The electric trolley has now been packed with so many clever and intuitive features it can become a difficult choice. When choosing this it can really be down to personal preference and what you want the trolley to do for you 2 of the top brands to consider at the moment are Powakaddy and Motocaddy they have a full range of varying electric trolley types from basic to more advanced models to suit everyone’s needs.


We have a massive choice and our buyers guide will give you some excellent tips on what to look for when buying your next trolley. 

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