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Golf Wedges Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Golf Wedge play and the short game is considered to be one of the most impotant parts of the game. If your a wizard around the greens your scores are certain to drop and set you up in your progression as a winner. This has become more apparant in recent years as ther are so many different wedge options to choose from in loft, lie angle, grind and bounce of over 40 combinations. So to make that process easier for you our buyers guide shall help you pick your latest short game weapons by explaining the options and brand that are on today’s market. 

Most Iron sets only go down as far to a PW (Pitching Wedge) so you need to make up your Golf wedges. Lofts start from 46° and go right through to a 64 °alot to choose from. To break this down into sections and terms that are easier to think about, below is a list of lofts that fall within a wedge range catergory and the expected distance you would perhaps gain. 

Pitching Wedge - Gap Wedge: 46° - 54°

  • These are the wedges that cover the gap directly from your Pitching Wedge and commonly used lofts for these are, between 46° and 54°
  • The distance you would expect to be using these wedges would be from around 100 yards and in. 


Sand Wedge: 55° - 58°

  • Most of us know what we use the Sand Wedge for its name suggests that too, this is a high lofted wedge that gets us out of those bunkers or thick rough around the greens and even those short pitch shots into the green. Lofts for these are generall between 55° and 58°
  • The distance you would expect to be using these wedges would be from around 80 yards and in.


Lob Wedge: 60° - 64°

  • The lob wedge has become an increasingly popular choice to add to your collection this is a much higher lofted wedge that produces a pop shot into the air, designed to get the ball up and down very quickly.  Lofts for these are generally between 60° and 64°
  • The distance you would expect to get from your lob wedge would really be 50 yards and in, more commonly used around the green and green side bunkers. 


A lot of players will have a combination of 3 Golf wedges in their bag and this will genrally be one from each of the above catergories. Considered to be a good gap measure is to go up in lofts of 4 degree for example, 52 Gap Wedge 56 Sand Wedge and 60 Lob Wedge. The best way to find out your perfect combination is to analyze your distances and the type of shot you wish to play with your wedges. 

Bounce & Grind 

  • Each Golf wedge has a bounce degree and this measure’s how much the club digs into the ground. More bounce will dig in less and less bounce will dig into the ground more. It is how much the lower trailing edge of the sole is in relation to the leading edge. You will find low bounce wedges are typically in the lower loft ranges, in Pitching Wedge and Gap Wedges. Higher bounce will commonly be found in your Sand Wedge and Lob Wedges 
  • Grinds on Golf Wedges depends on your swing and whether you have a steep or shallow swing, which will impact on how the club digs into the ground. If you want to check out which grind suits you one of the best wedge manufactures, Titleist Vokey Wedges have just realeased their new SM7 range which comes availbale in a combination of 5 different grinds and bounces to read up on and choose the best fit for you. 
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