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Callaway Hybrids News Reviews and Buyers Guide

For many years Callaway have been known for making golf clubs that are easy to use. The drivers, fairways and irons are super forgiving and this now follows through to the hybrids that they make. If you find hitting the longer irons a bit of a challenge you must seriously considder using a hybrid golf club as they make these shots so much easier.

Callaway have a good range of rescue clubs that will suite all ranges of golfers. The X Hot hybrid is designed for the mass market and is so easy to hit you will want to use it from everywhere. It is available in four loft options so you can replace any number of long irons. The standard X Hot is available in mens and ladies.

The X Hot Pro is a step up and is not quite as offset as the standard version and this would be preferred by a lower handicapper or professional. The face angle on these sits beautifully square and the swingweight on the pro version is about two swingweights higher. The more expensive project X shaft is applied to this club and an extra stiff shaft option is available.

Callaway have also produced the X Utility Prototype hybrid club which has been used so successfully on the tour and most famously it was used by Ernie Els when he won the Open at Royal Lytham. The club was only going to be a prototype however it was gaining momentum with lots of tour players wanting one and from this Callaway decided to add the club to the range.

It has a slimmer back than a regular hybrid but it is really easy to use and gets the ball into the air really quickly. It is available in three loft options and we would suggest that a lower handicap or professional would choose this club whereas the higher handicapper would stick with the X Hot hybrid.

Callaway » Hybrids / Rescue Irons