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Drivers - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

With so many manufactures on the market today it can often be a minefield to choose a new Golf Driver. We believe It is important that you make the correct choice when buying your new Golf Driver to maximise your performance. The Golf Driver can be the most expensive club that you will buy and making sure you have the correct loft or the optimum flex of shaft to suit your swing is crucial to your success on the course.


The Golf Driver has to be one of our favourite clubs many of us love to use with the distance it can create the sound and the feel, bringing a lot of joy and pleasure to hit, although sometimes it can give us a love-hate relationship. This is why we feel it is important you choose the right Driver so you can learn to enjoy it and unleash your game’s full potential. 


Over the years Golf Driver’s have evolved immensely in design and technology from wooden head’s right through to steel and now in more recent times titanium and carbon composite crowns. There are numerous shaft options to consider and the latest in technology that's flooded the market is with adjustability in loft and face angle. So we can understand how hard it is to make the right choice in Golf Driver to suit you and your game!


I think it can be fair to say when looking for a new Golf Driver most of us are after the longest and straightest performing. We are always wanting to outdrive our playing partners and strike fear into them on the fairways in competitiveness. 


Shaft Options To Consider When Choosing Your New Golf Driver


  • Lite Shaft or Seniors Flex as suggested in the name is considered to be best suited for the more senior golfer who perhaps is slowing down in swing speed over the years but still wants to maintain the distance & consistency you have always enjoyed. Swing Speed Match 70 - 80mph 


  • A Regular Shaft is considered to be a good starting point if you have just taken up the game & want something that is light but gives you a fair amount of flex to help you & your evolving swing to perform at its best. Swing Speed Match 80 - 90mph 


  • Stiff Shaft would be used for your more progressive golfer who perhaps is swinging it at a much harder and faster pace, generally, the shaft will be heavier in weight & firmer in flex. Swing Speed Match 90-105mph 


  • X-Stiff Shaft is for someone who produces a considerable fast & hard swing speed, making it heavier & firmer than a stiff shaft. Swing Speed Match 105 +mph 


Choosing The Right Head Size & Loft


  • A general rule of thumb to consider when choosing your new Golf Driver is that the latest models are all made out of either Titanium or a Carbon Composite & are at a 440 - 460cc in head size. 10.5 degree in loft makes a good starting point when talking about & choosing the loft for your new driver this is a fairly neutral loft that won't fly too high but also not too low. as you go up in degree your adding loft to the club making the driver fly a lot higher, consider this if you struggle to get your drives up in the air. Going down in loft will, of course, produce a lower ball flight & this is something to consider if you feel your drives are flying far too high. 


To make this option much easier for you the latest in advanced driver technology is the Adjustable shaft to head combination which allows you to change the loft of your driver in just a few clicks with a simple key lock system many of them ranging from 7.5 - 11.5 degree in loft changes. So you have plenty to play around with depending on how you could be flighting your drives. 



Due to the materials being used (and advertising and promotional costs) the driver tends to be one of the most expensive clubs in the bag however we are sure to recommend that spending that amount is money well spent on a Driver our buyer's guide should help you to get the perfect fit.


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