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Golf Hybrids - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Hybrids and Rescue Clubs, there are a lot of common question’s often asked and heard surrounding these clubs, which tend to be, What are they? What do they do? and When should I use them? So to answer those questions we will give you the best advice when it comes to choosing the right Hybrid and Rescue club for you. 

Hybrid and Rescue clubs are considered to be long Iron replacements which range from a 2 iron through to a 5 iron. This is an advancement in technology where they have been designed with the golfer in mind for ease of use, as long irons can prove sometimes tricky clubs to hit. The beauty of the Hybrid Rescue is that it can be used in all sorts of situations on the course from the tee off the fairway or even rescuing you out of the rough, some people even use them around the green’s for bump and run chipping shots. They are extremely versatile clubs and are growing ever popular among golf club sets. 

Choosing the right one, like all golf clubs can prove to be difficult with so many manufactures on the market, and then there is the loft and spec to decide on. Consider which long irons you may want to replace with Rescue/clubs, a popular choice is having a set off irons from 5 - SW then replacing the 3 & 4 iron with 3 & 4 Hybrid/Rescue replacements. These will be generally the same in loft as your replacement irons, perhaps maybe a little stronger in loft if anything. 

It’s important to note that the Hybrid/Rescue club will go further than a conventional iron as its a wood like head with a lightweight graphite shaft. So its key to analyze the distance and accuracy comparison. 

Shaft Options To Consider When Choosing Your New Hybrid/Rescue

Think about matching the shaft flex with your irons to compliment together. 


  • Lite Shaft or Seniors (A) Flex as suggested in the name is considered to be best suited for the more senior golfer who perhaps is slowing down in swing speed over the years but still wants to maintain the distance & consistency you have always enjoyed. Swing Speed Match 70 - 80mph 


  • A Regular Shaft is considered to be a good starting point if you have just taken up the game and want something that is light but gives you a fair amount of flex to help you and your evolving swing to perform at its best. Swing Speed Match 80 - 90mph 


  • Stiff Shaft would be used for your more progressive golfer who perhaps is swinging it at a much harder and faster pace, generally the shaft will be heavier in weight and firmer in flex. Swing Speed Match 90-105mph 


  • X-Stiff Shaft is for someone who produces a considerable fast and hard swing speed, making it heavier and firmer than a stiff shaft. Swing Speed Match 105 +  mph 


When should I consider switching to Hybrid/Rescue clubs? I think this is quite simply when you no longer use your long irons or wish for a more consistent and versatile long iron club.  

Our buyers guide should give you a good idea now when choosing your new Hybrid/Rescue

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