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Golf Irons - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Choosing a set of Golf irons will most likely always be one of the most important golf equipment purchasing decisions that you will make. With hundreds of different brand’s and models available on the market today, we want to make sure you choose wisely. It is also a considered purchase and we want to make sure that you are happy with your clubs and are getting the perfect fit to suit you. 

  • A set of Golf irons used to be 3 iron to SW (9 irons) and you were done and ready to go. This has all changed in more recent times as rescue clubs/hybrids are now commonly being used and it is quite exceptable to have your lowest iron starting with a 6 iron and having your Hybrid/Rescue replacements for the long irons. 


  • When it comes to the wedges that go with your Golf iron set it has become increasingly uncommon for many Iron brands to make a Sand Wedge, a lot of Iron sets will go as far to a PW. The reason for this is it allows you to explore a range of high perfomance wedges that add into your set. The short game is one of the most important areas in golf so you want to get your loft’s just right. 


  • Over the past 10 years the lofts of irons have become a lot stronger and in reality the modern 7 iron is the equivalent to an older 6 iron and with this in mind you need to take care in selecting the correct combination for your game. 


  • All Major Golf Club manufactures don’t just produce one set of Golf irons there is a vast range that can be chosen from, but how do you know what will suit you. To make this process easier there are Game Improvement Golf Irons to Progressive Players Golf Irons. 


Game Improvement Golf Irons 

  • These are genrally considered a cavity back Golf iron which means it has a large, thick topline, back sole and often made from casting which gives a larger sweet spot on the face. The sole purpose for this design is for a straighter easier hitting iron, consider this style when your just starting you golf career or perhaps as you slow down in time you might want something that can give you a little more help. 


Progressive Players Golf Irons 

  • This type of Golf iron is considered to be used for the more advanced player, you may often hear the term blades, or muscle back clubs. The design in these clubs are a much thinner top line and back sole, which offer the player more in perfomace to be able to shape the ball producing draw or fade shots. Consider looking at this style as you golf abilty progresses.  


An increasing question asked now when buying irons is, should I get custom fit? Professional advice would be yes, Custom fitting is now considered an essential and not a luxury. Each and every one of us is different in height and shape and this affects how we address a golf ball. It is important your standing correctly with the right length and lie golf club as this will affect your performance. Many golf clubs, manufactures and even your local Pro will offer a custom fit session which will allow you to find out the correct details you need from length and lie to the correct shaft flex, for that perfect fit. All our Irons come with a custom fit option so all you have to do is match up your details or even give us a call so we can help give you the best advice and that perfect set of clubs.  

This is not to say you have to be custom fitted before purchasing a set of irons but it can help to do a little research before making that important decision before purchasing. 

To get the best advice please visit our golf irons buying guide and advice centre

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