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Motocaddy, News Reviews and Buyers Guide

The Motocaddy brand has taken off dramatically over the past few years and they can now boast an amazing selection of golf trolleys, bags and accessories for you to choose from. Motocaddy have won numerous awards for its electric trolley and it is one of the best choices you can make when buying your new golf trolley.


Motocaddy have now got a superb range of trolleys that will be sure to suit every golfer and every pocket. 


The line up includes


The Entry Level S1 Trolley


  • This is a no thrills, simple to use and most importantly reliable trolley with the lead acid standard range battery all for under £300.
  • The S1 can be upgraded to an extended range battery or a lithium (18 hole or 36 hole) battery and is the most popular choice in the range. 
  • If its more features you are after on your trolley you may want to consider the S1 Pro as this has the added benefit of a USB charger on the handle and it also boasts a distance control function that allows you to let your trolley travel forwards and then stop at a desired distance. Maximum range (up to 45yards).


Top of the range from Motocaddy is the S3 Pro A fantastic trolley that provides you with a hatful of features. This will also come available in the standard, extended range and lithium battery options. The S3 trolley has a digital display that will tell you how far you have hit the ball, & how long you have been looking for a ball, Included is the distance control function and many more exciting features to check out. If your budget will stretch it is certainly worth the extra step up.


  • As well as making some superb electric trolleys Motocaddy also make a range of fantastic bags that sit perfectly on the carts. These bags come in a variety of styles sizes and colours. New for 2016 are the Pro Series & Dry Series that sit nicely alongside the Lite & Club series. 


FAQs and Buyers Guide


Does a Motocaddy trolley come with a charger?


  • All of the Motocaddy range come with a battery and a charger.


Are the batteries heavy?


  • The extended range lead acid battery is the heaviest of the bunch at 10.5 kgs with the standard battery weighing in at 6.5 kgs. If you are looking for a lightweight option you will need to look at spending the extra cash on a lithium battery as these weigh just 2.0 kgs

Do I need to get a second battery?


  • If you are looking to play 36 holes quite frequently we would suggest that you choose the extended range battery rather than buy a second battery. If you do need to have a second battery make sure that you rotate them to help make them both last longer.


Do I have to charge my battery even if I play just a few holes?


  • Yes you should charge the battery after every use.


If the green light is on my charger does this mean it is charged?


  • Yes it does. Get on the golf course as soon as you can.


What size are the S1 and S3 trolleys?


  • When it is folded the S1 is 850mm x 350mm x 560mm and the S3 is 900mm x 350mm x 570mm


How long does the battery take to charge?


  • It will take about 8 to 12 hours to charge the battery


How long is the guarantee on motocaddy trolleys?


  • All of the trollies have a two year warranty and the lead acid batteries have a warranty of 12 months. The lithium batteries have a warranty of 2 years.


Can I use a heavy bag on my trolley?


  • These trolleys are designed to take a weight of up to 20kgs which should be enough for a big bag, all of your clubs and all of your other golfing goods.


Is the clutch reliable?


  • The trolleys come with a 12 month warranty and we have not heard of any issues with clutches.


I play at a hilly course will the Motocaddy cope?


  • These trollies are good on all terrains and will work well on the hilliest of courses.
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