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Taylormade Waterproof Wear News, Advice and Buyers Guide

TaylorMade's quality all-weather line of Storm Waterproof headgear are made of two fabrics: a synthetic polymer fabric that is woven from a 96% polyester and 4% spandex material that allows for maximum air-circulation which wicks away sweat, readily retains its shape and "gives" slightly for a snug fit and an absorbent cotton inner band that keeps sweat from dripping down from the brow.

Guaranteed to be resistant to mold and mildew under normal conditions, the fabrics are coated with an invisible outer protective layer that keeps rainwater from seeping in.

Crafted under the latest technology in lightweight fabrication and manufacturing for comfort and durability, these lightweight fabrics are 50 UPF rated not only to protect the wearer from harmful UV light, but also to protect the fabric from degenerating too quickly under the sun and to prevent fabric discoloration.

TaylorMade Storm Waterproof Cap

The Storm Waterproof Cap comes in a contemporary sleek design with a curved bill that keeps sunlight glare from hitting the eyes yet allows for an unobstructed view of the ball from the pre-shot routine to the most critical moments of the swing. The TaylorMade Storm Waterproof Cap is light and cool during warm weather yet helps to retain enough body heat in this high heat-loss area during cold weather to help the rest of the body counter the wind chill factor. A very sensible head covering for golf, it comes in contrasting white on black or black on white. Since the rims are adjustable for a 100% snug fit, they are best for use in mild to moderately windy weather because the bill is easily pointed away from the direction of the gusts of wind. 

TaylorMade Storm Waterproof Bucket Hat

Although not as stylish as a golf cap, a bucket hat is better at shielding the head against harmful UV rays compared to a cap. The TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat is a type of hat that resembles a fisherman's hat because it has a brim that runs completely around the hat. It is a better choice  of headgear for sunny weather because its wide protective brim encircles the head from front to back to protect the face, ears and nape from harmful ultraviolet rays. The Taylormade Bucket Hat is best worn during hot and sunny weather and not advisable for wear during windy conditions. 

Crafted from the best quality materials that offers the best sun protection, the Storm Bucket Hat is best worn to fit not too tightly around the rim yet with the crown slightly elevated to allow maximum breathability and comfort under the heat. 

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