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TaylorMade Drivers News Reviews and Buyers Guide

Three decades ago, TaylorMade Golf believed that their product, a 12-degree stainless steel driver, would revolutionize the game of golf. Back then, the idea of using stainless steel for drivers was unheard of.  Compared to wooden ones, however, it made it easier to launch balls in the air and offered a greater chance on hitting the ball in the first place. 

That pioneer idea of the TaylorMade driver paved the way for new and more innovative ones to be produced such as the M1 and M2 Golf Drivers.

TaylorMade have launched their new range of clubs for 2016, and they’re called the M1 Woods and the PSi irons. I know what you’re thinking right now “Not another new range of clubs” but honestly TaylorMade have put in some hard graft in their research and technology departments and created a great range of new products.

TaylorMade M1 Golf Driver

The TaylorMade M1 Driver has a multi-material combination of titanium and a seven layer carbon composite, designed entirely to provide you, the golfer, more distance off the tee, more forgiveness for errant swings and finally more ball speed. The Driver comes in two head sizes, the 460cc and the 430cc versions, cosmetically and in terms of the 3 stock shafts available they’re the same. Those 3 stock shafts are:

Fujikura Pro 60 – High Launch
Mitsubishi KuraKage Tini Silver 60 - Mid Launch
Aldila Rogue Silver 70 – Low Launch

TaylorMade M2 Driver - In order to make the M2 driver both long and forgiving, it was built with technologies that protect ball speed and create a massive sweet spot. Engineered with high MOI, Inverted Cone Technology and a redesigned Speed Pocket three features that combine to produce maximum forgiveness and speed across the face.

Custom shafts will also be available.

With the launch of these innovative products, TaylorMade is staying true to their word in helping golf players of every skill level in reaching their golf potential.

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