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Ping Custom Fit Information For Irons and Wedges

Ping Custom Fit

Ping Custom Fit Service - Play your best!

Ping offers the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf, one proven to generate the optimal ball flights and consistency that you'll need to shoot lower scores. With thousands of possible combinations, we at The Golf Shop Online want to make sure you select the exact club specification that best matches your individual fit,  swing and game. This will give extra confidence while on the course, helping you deliver the very best in club performance.

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Why Get Custom Fit

From correctly determining your drivers loft, your irons'  optimum lie angle or the best grip size and length for your clubs or putter, we'll be able to help you establish the specs and set makeup that help you play your best golf. Get the best return on your investment when purchasing a new Ping club and seek professional advice from us today!

Ping Custom To The Core

Fitting Matters

The Importance of Lie Angle & Length in your Irons and Wedges

The lie angle is the angle between the sole of the club and the middle line of the shaft. Correctly working out your best lie angle will have a huge impact in the direction you hit the ball. If your iron is too flat, you will tend to hit the ball to the right opposed to if it is too upright, you generally hit the ball to the left. (See below)

Ping identify a players lie angle by an easy to use colour code system which you can enlarge and view below. By knowing a few simple measurements including your height and wrist to floor measurements you can use this chart as good starting point in your custom fit process. 

If you would like to read our blog on how to use this chart in more detail please click this link. 

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The Importance of Length in your Golf Clubs

By using the chart you can work out your recommendation for club length. Like the lie angle, club length can greatly influence the consistency and distance of your shots. A very tall person who uses a 'standard' length golf club would have to stoop too much in address position, while a smaller person would have to stand too upright. In both scenarios, it would be hard for the golfer to hold a correct position throughout the swing. Playing correctly sized clubs forces the golfer into the correct address position making it easier to maintain throughout the swing. 


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Grip Size Matters

It is long been identified though player testing that grip size does influence ball flight. Ping grips are available in six sizes and using their colour code chart it is easy to find out your recommendation. Using your normal glove hand, measure the overall length of your hand from the wrist crease to the end of your longest finger. Next measure the distance between the longest finger to the crease where that finger joins the palm. Simply refer these measurements to the chart to find your code. 

Please don't be fooled by the importance in getting your grip size correct. If you fall between two colours please discuss this with us as a smaller option may help in reducing a fade or slice, opposed to a slightly larger grip may benefit players looking to reduce a draw or hook. 

Read more about Ping grips on our blog


Find Your Fit

The best way to start your fitting is by using Ping's WebFit.  This will provide a valuable starting point for educating you about the important parameters of custom fitting,  plus provide you a jump start in identifying models and custom specifications that best suit your game. While Ping recognises that 75% of players get within one colour code using their online tool - they strongly recommend you get professionally fit and discuss your specification with a Ping Certified Custom Fitter.

Simply register yourself with Ping (below) and follow through the questions. Feel free you call one of our PGA Professionals to discuss your fitting on 01626 830537 or request a call back using the above form.