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Pinnacle Balls News, Advice and Buyers Guide

For many years Pinnacle have been a top brand in the golf world. For many they are known as a hard ball that is played by beginners but that is no longer the case. These balls have great pedigree and are made by Acushnet who make the famous Titleist golf balls so they are well worth a try and they are at a great budget price.

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Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls (Also available in yellow)

Pinnacle Gold balls are brought to you by the Pinnacle research team which is known to deliver High Optix balls. Advantages of the brand of equipment include capabilities of making long and distant straight shots, improved scoring, and better control. These balls were particularly designed to make way for superb visibility on the course. With them, you can be more focused during your games. Because they were made to let you concentrate even with too much of the shades of green and blue in your surroundings, you have higher chances of improving your skill with each swing. 

Pinnacle Lady Ribbon Golf Balls (Available in pink)

Pinnacle Lady Ribbon balls are designed to assist golfers, mostly women, with their games. These were made to support enthusiasts by providing them with a tool that is light enough to travel faster than the rest. Also, the Pinnacles allow anyone the chance to enjoy the sport even more. With soft covers and high energy cores, they’ll make it easy for you to find a launching position you’re comfortable with. When you can aim properly, you’ll have the balls land at distance you prefer.



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