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Titleist SM6 Wedges - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Titleist are not just the No.1 brand when it comes to golf balls. Over the last decade they have really moved forwards in golf club manufacturing and are now one of the leading manufactures globally for producing high performance wedges on tour for professionals and amateurs within the game.

The Titleist Vokey wedge has been a timeless classic wedge, produced and master crafted by Bob Vokey to give you the ultimate short game scoring iron. 

The latest addition to the Titleist Vokey Wedge is SM6

Here is what you need to know and the key differences, so you can make an informed decision when choosing your New Titleist Vokey Wedge 


Tour Validated Grinds - Bob’s tour proven grinds provide every player with enhanced shot versatility to fit their swing type and course conditions. There are 5 new grinds to choose from in Titleist’s latest SM6 Vokey Wedges. 


  • The L Grind has been designed for a shallow, sweeping style of golf swing, best used in firm conditions and the perfect combination in loft for a 58 or 60 degree wedge with 4 degree’s of bounce, for those high lofted flop shots or getting yourself out of a green side bunker. 


  • In the M Grind this is also very similar, Neutral to shallow, sweeping swing, but for firm to medium course conditions and a wider range of loft combinations to suit, running from 54 – 62 with 8 degree of bounce. Preferred for pitching in and around the green.


  • The S Grind has been shaped for a Neutral to Steep swing style for those of you who dig into the ground more. Best suited for medium to soft course conditions and the perfect loft combination ranges from 54 – 60 with 10 degree’s in bounce. 


  • F Grind is probably the one grind that has the most versatility in the collection, designed as an all rounder to suit most swing types and styles. The F grind is perfectly matched to a wider array of lofts and bounce, that ranges from 46 – 56 degree. You could use this grind in all aspects of your short game. 


  • The K Grind has been designed for a steep swing, but with high loft and bounce. The perfect combination is 58 – 60 degree’s. You would expect to use this again for higher flighted shots around the green and out of bunkers.


For more details on The Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge Grinds you can learn more in our blog post that will explain all to you. 


TX4 Grooves - More spin from 100% inspected TX4 grooves with new parallel face texture producing a sharper, more consistent groove edge.


Distance - Most wedges that Titleist offers can go as far as 110 yards when you hit the ball. Unfortunately, for many professional golfers, this is an average distance – not really commendable. If you want to go farther, it is advised that you choose a driver from Titleist which can go really far. But for low-handicap and beginner golfers, this wedge may already be enough – for now.


Grip - A firm grip on the handle is an important factor to consider in order to keep the club from slipping from your hands. The Titleist Wedges provide a good and firm grip on the handle. This allows you to control the wedges better – in terms of movement and power in hitting the ball. Moreover, this prevents you from accidentally slipping the club off your hands. This is the perfect club to use if you want to gain more control of the game.


The Terrain -  Wedges are designed to provide golfers with an instrument they can use on short distances with different terrains. Thus, there are different wedges you can use for each terrain. You have to consider the terrain to which you will play at to determine which wedges to purchase. Titleist Wedges come available in a range of loft and grind angles ranging from 46 - 62 degree in lofts so you can have full scope to play various short game shots.


Shaft Material -  Nowadays, shafts of golf clubs are made of different materials. There are those that are made of graphite while there are also those that are made of steel. When it comes to wedges, it is best to choose one that is made of steel. This is because they are more durable and they weigh heavier. The heavy weight of steel shafts allow for better control of the club.


The Vokey SM6 is available in three colour choices, Tour Chrome, Steel Grey and Jet Black.

Coming Soon is the Titleist SM7 Golf Wedge

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