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Titleist Golf Drivers
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Titleist New TSi

Titleist Surefit Shaft & CG Assembly*

Sure Fit Hosel 

  • The SureFit hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. There are 16 unique loft and lie angle combinations.
  • Insert SureFit wrench into hosel screw and rotate counter clockwise until hosel becomes loose, move adjustment ring to desired setting, and tighten clockwise until you feel and hear the wrench “click”. If the screw feels like it is binding, stop and realign components.


SureFit Hosel Performance Fitting Guides

  • Start in the standard position: A•1 (RH) or D•4 (LH).
  • Move up or down in the grid to adjust trajectory.
  • Move left or right in the grid to fine tune direction.
  • +/- .75° denotes driver settings; +/- 1° denotes hybrid setting.
  • *Loft = Effective Loft with a square face at impact.


Surefit CG (TS3 Model Only)

  • Weight Removal - Insert tip of SureFit Wrench into SureFit CG Weight end cap to remove installed weight. Rotate wrench counter clockwise until end cap is loose and can be removed by hand. Carefully remove end cap from head and set it aside in a secure area. Remove weight from driver head.
  • Weight Installation - Once the SureFit CG Weight and end cap have been placed into the desired setting, insert weight by hand into weight port. Insert SureFit wrench into weight end cap. Rotate wrench clockwise until you feel the wrench “click”.

SureFit CG Weight Settings

  • View + / • / - on tip end of weight. Arrows will help determine what side goes in first for desired result.

Titleist TS3 is shipped with one additional SureFit CG Weight.

  • If your TS3 metal was shipped with the Neutral weight installed in the head, then you will have a loose Draw/Fade weight.
  • If your TS3 metal was shipped with the Draw/Fade weight installed in the head, then you will have a loose Neutral weight.
  • Additional heavier and lighter weights sold separately

Please note that Adjusting tools do not come with Fairways or Hybrids. Extra weights can be purchased, please contact direct for prices and availability. 

*In the new Titleist TS range, only the TS3 has the adjustable CG weight. TS2 can only be altered from the hosel. 

Titleist Drivers - [Custom Fit The Latest Range]

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