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Titleist Surefit Shaft & CG Assembly*

Sure Fit Hosel 

  • The SureFit hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. There are 16 unique lofts and lie angle combinations.
  • Insert the SureFit wrench into the hosel screw and rotate counterclockwise until the hosel becomes loose; move the adjustment ring to the desired setting, and tighten clockwise until you feel and hear the wrench “click”. If the screw feels like it is binding, stop and realign components.

SureFit Hosel Performance Fitting Guides

  • Start in the standard position: A•1 (RH) or D•4 (LH).
  • Move up or down in the grid to adjust the trajectory.
  • Move left or right in the grid to fine-tune direction.
  • +/- .75° denotes driver settings; +/- 1° denotes hybrid settings.
  • *Loft = Effective Loft with a square face at impact.

Titleist Drivers - Custom Fit The Latest Range

The new range of Titleist Drivers has a driver for every style of player, let's take a brief look at what they have to offer.

Titleist TSR1 Driver: The Titleist TSR1 Driver is engineered for maximum forgiveness and distance. It features a large 460cc clubhead with a high moment of inertia (MOI), providing stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits. The TSR1 utilizes advanced materials and technologies to optimize ball speed and launch conditions. With its adjustable loft and lie settings, golfers can fine-tune their trajectory and maximize their performance off the tee. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player looking for forgiveness and distance, the TSR1 is an excellent choice.

Titleist TSR2 Driver: The Titleist TSR2 Driver is designed for golfers seeking a combination of distance and control. With a slightly smaller 440cc clubhead, the TSR2 offers a more traditional look and feel. It incorporates Titleist's advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed, resulting in longer drives. The TSR2 also features an adjustable weight system, allowing players to customize their ball flight and shot shape. If you value both distance and precision, the TSR2 is worth considering.

Titleist TSR3 Driver: The Titleist TSR3 Driver is engineered for players prioritising workability and shot shaping. With its compact 430cc clubhead, the TSR3 offers excellent control and manoeuvrability. It is designed for golfers who prefer to shape their shots and have complete command over their trajectory. The TSR3 features a variable-thickness face that enhances ball speed and forgiveness across the face. If you're a skilled player looking for a driver that allows you to shape shots and control ball flight, the TSR3 is an excellent option.

Titleist TSR4 Driver: The Titleist TSR4 Driver is specifically designed for low spin and maximum distance. With its 460cc clubhead, the TSR4 offers forgiveness and a high launch angle, while the optimized centre of gravity (CG) placement reduces spin for added distance. The TSR4 incorporates Titleist's advanced Speed Chassis technology, which enhances ball speed and stability. If you have a faster swing speed and desire a driver that maximizes distance while minimizing spin, the TSR4 is a perfect choice.

In summary, the Titleist TSR driver range offers golfers a variety of options to suit their individual needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize forgiveness, distance, control, or low spin, there is a TSR driver that can enhance your game. Titleist's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that each driver in the TSR lineup delivers exceptional performance. Explore the TSR1, TSR2, TSR3, and TSR4 drivers to find the one that best matches your game and take your driving to the next level.

We stock an extensive range of golf drivers and offer a full custom fit service. All custom clubs are professionally built to order by Titleist, tailoring your driver to your game. We are 100% dedicated to making sure you choose the right product, so please feel free to speak to one of our professionals or drop us an email at sales@thegolfshoponline.co.uk

Extended Christmas Returns

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Our policy extends to

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We are happy to offer an exchange or a credit voucher redeemable over six months

Customers still have the added benefit of our standard 60-day Money Back Policy, which applies to goods returned within 60 days of delivery. We also offer a 60-Day Play Better Promise on selected hardware, which means you can buy your loved one a new golf club, they can try it, and if not suitable, we will happily take it back. (t&c's apply)

Your one stop Christmas Shop
Free UK Delivery on all orders over £30*
60 day returns policy
• Fast delivery with full tracking information
Over 2 million products shipped worldwide
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