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Oakley Golf News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Oakley is the ultimate brand in eyewear and sports performance sunglasses. Worn by many of the worlds top athletes. Oakley produce some of the best lens technology for you and your eyes protection so you can focus and compete at the highest level. 

Oakley produce some of the most stylish and superior performance sunglasses, that will last a lifetime, choosing to wear Oakley sunglasses is a professional choice. 

In our eyes sunglasses are an essential product to have when your playing golf to not only protect your eyes from the UV sunlight and weather conditions, but to help you perform at your best ability providing you with the vision to focus in on your golf game. 

This year Oakley have released there all new PRIZM Lens Technology, a revolutionary lens technology that fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments.

Oakley PRIZM Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses and Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ provide you with this fantastic new lens technology to choose from.

  • Prizm Trail lenses allow you to easily distinguish obstacles such as rocks, sand and hard packed dirt so you can ride with confidence.
  • Prizm Road lenses enhance the road so you can see obstacles like rocks and potholes quickly and feel more confident as you ride.
  • Prizm Golf lenses provide enhanced contrast so you can read the course better and make more informed decisions.

If your looking for a pair of sunglasses to wear on and off the course we have two new exclusive designs from Oakley. 

Ferrari Driver or just a fan? then you will love the Scuderia Ferrari collection sunglasses.

If your more of a Moto GP fanatic then you will love the Oakley Jupiter Sunglasses, an exclusive Valentino Rossi signature series. 

We strongly recommend you take a closer look at our collection of Oakley Sunglasses, along with a range of cases to choose from to protect your favorite pair. 


Oakley Ready To Move Forward

In 2013. the Oakley brand is poised to break through as the definitive growth story in the golf space. This space has presented universal challenges to sporting goods brands around the world. Participation in the sport typically entails an older audience, and the game is aging. The result is that brands have not been pushed to create contemporary looks or drive technology and performance.

The aging golfer accepts the status quo, and sameness plagues the business. This has ignited a paradigm shift for the Oakley brand. Our messaging is inclusive and combines our action sports roots with an unrivalled level of innovation to create golf product that is young and contemporary with unmatched levels of performance and functionality

Oakley is leading the charge in changing this space and bringing a distinct and unique story to the consumer. Our goal is to speak to the younger consumer to fuel new participation in the sport and bring youth to the game. We are a problem-solving company and believe that everything can and will be made better.

Oakley's goal is to help the golfer play better, by creating product that optimises performance and comfort in every aspect, including protection from the environment. Most importantly, we give the golfer a look that respects heritage while bringing a youth-energized perspective; style that exudes confidence without craziness.

Tour presence is essential for authenticity and credibility but it is not the most critical aspect of Oakley golf messaging. We are 
privileged to have world-class 
golfers rely on our product. They
 help validate what we do every day,
 but the key is that we are committed t
to building better product for every golfer, and our success is tied to the  way we make them feel and play.      

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