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Garmin Approach S70 Golf GPS Watch
Garmin Approach S70 Golf GPS Watch
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Meet our Head Professional
Why buy from The Golf Shop Online?
Why buy from The Golf Shop Online?
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Garmin Approach S70 Golf GPS Watch - 47mm

Premium Golf GPS designed to improve your game on and off the course!

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          Garmin Approach S70 Golf GPS Watch - 47mm

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          • Free UK Delivery*
          • Full Manufacturer Warranty
          • Size 47mm

          Introducing the Approach S70, the ultimate GPS golf watch that empowers you to elevate your game on and off the course. This premium golf watch has powerful tools and insightful features with an AMOLED display; designed to enhance your golfing experience like never before. Available in two sizes, 42mm and 47mm.

          The Garmin S70 covers four key areas: Strengthening your game, monitoring your health, improving your fitness, and keeping connected with your daily lifestyle.

          Key Features and Benefits

          • Amoled Display: Experience your game in a new light with the superbright and easy-to-read 1.4" Amoled touch display. The vibrant and crisp visuals provide clear visibility in any lighting condition, ensuring you never miss a detail.
          • Preloaded Golf Courses: Your Approach S70 has over 43,000 full-colour CourseView maps of golf courses worldwide. You can easily download updates for the course you play most often, ensuring you have accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.
          • Club Suggestions - get club suggestions based on performance and wind. 
          • Improved Virtual Caddie: Receive club suggestions tailored to your performance and wind conditions. By considering factors like wind, elevation, and swing data, the virtual caddie helps you make smarter club choices. The shot dispersion chart gives a quick overview of potential hazards based on your selected club.
          • Enhanced PlaysLike Distance Feature: Gain a competitive edge by knowing the precise yardage adjusted for elevation changes and environmental conditions. The PlaysLike Distance feature provides accurate measurements, enabling you to make confident and strategic shots on every hole.
          • Green Contour Data: You can access green contour data with an active Garmin Golf membership. This feature lets you see the slope direction of selected greens, helping you plan your approach and sink that crucial putt precisely.
          • 24/7 Health Monitoring and Activity Tracking: The Approach S70 goes beyond golfing by offering comprehensive health monitoring and activity tracking capabilities. Keep track of your heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, and more, every day. It's your ultimate fitness companion on and off the course.
          • Stylish and Lightweight Build: Combining style with comfort, the Approach S70 features a sleek design with a ceramic bezel. The watch is functional and lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit during your rounds of golf and everyday wear.
          • Water Resistant - Keep playing rain or shine with a 5TM water rating.


          • Wind Speed and Direction - This feature displays wind speed and direction based on your current location when connected to the Garmin Golf™ app on your compatible smartphone.
          • Green View Feature - See each green's actual shape from wherever you are on the course.
          • Keep Track and Score - The Autoshot round analyser tracks detected shot distance2 and pairs with Approach® CT10 club tracking sensors (sold separately).
          • Pinpointer Feature - This feature shows the direction of the pin so you can make the most of each swing on blind shots.
          • Distance to Green - See distance from the green's front, middle and back.
          • Hazard View - Get critical distance information so you know what to avoid.
          • More Stats - Pair with the Garmin App for analysis, leaderboards, tournaments and more.
          • Garmin Golf App - See your health and fitness information and connect with friends.


          • Wrist-Based Heart Rate - Get heart rate3 along with alerts if your heart rate moves outside of your limits selected.
          • HRV Status - Gain a better understanding of your overall health, recovery and training performance while you sleep. 
          • Stress Tracking - Find out if you are having a calm, balanced or stressful day. 
          • Body Battery Energy Monitoring - Track your body energy levels to find the best times for activity and rest. 
          • Sleep Score and Advanced Sleep Monitoring - Understand your body recovering with a sleep score, a breakdown of your sleep stages and detailed insights for improved sleep quality. 
          • Pulse ox Sensor - Track your blood oxygen saturation while awake or asleep. 
          • Hydration Tracking - Log your daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. 


          • Fitness Age - Use fitness age to estimate whether your body is younger or older than you are.
          • Create Workouts - Choose from over 1600 exercises in the Garmin Connect App on a compatible smartphone. 
          • Garmin Coach - Get free running training plans to help you build your endurance off the course. 
          • HIIT Workouts - Track your HIIT workouts, including AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata and custom. 
          • Advanced Stretch Training - Find scaling and strength PRs, plus graphics showing what muscle groups you worked. 


          • Battery Life - Get up to 21 days of battery life in smartwatch mode or up to 20 hours in GPS mode.
          • Music On Your Wrist - Download songs and playlists from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon music accounts for phone-free listening. 
          • Connect IQ Store  - Add watch faces, data fields and apps to your paired watch. 
          • Smart Notifications - Receive emails, texts and alerts on your watch when paired with your smartphone. 
          • Garmin Pay Contactless Payments - Breeze through checkout lines or transit systems with participating providers. 
          Why buy from us?


          • Multi-frequency Positioning: Yes
          • Touch and/or button lock: Yes
          • Wind speed and direction (requires connection to the golf app): Yes
          • Sleep: Yes (Advanced)
          • Green Contours (with Garmin Golf membership): Yes
          • Swing Tempo: Yes
          • Plays and controls watch music: Yes
          • Training load focus: Yes
          • HR Alerts: Yes
          • Training Effect (Anaerobic): Yes
          • Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts: Yes (high and low)
          • Customisable screen(s): Yes
          • Configurable lap alerts: Yes
          • Incident Detection during select activities: Yes
          • Physio TrueUp: Yes
          • Customisable alerts: Yes
          • Physical size: 47 x 47 x 13.4 mm
          • Fits wrists with a circumference of 130-205 mm
          • Move bar (displays on the device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset it): Yes
          • Bezel Material: Ceramic
          • Hazards and course targets: Yes
          • TruSwing™ compatible: Yes
          • VO2 Max (Trail Run): Yes
          • Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor: Yes
          • Relaxation Breathing Timer: Yes
          • HR Max: Yes
          • Water rating: 5 ATM
          • Colour display: Yes
          • Wrist-based heart rate (constant, every second): Yes
          • Find my phone: Yes
          • Training Effect: Yes
          • Advanced workouts: Yes
          • Charging method: Garmin proprietary plug charger
          • Timer: Yes
          • Intensity minutes: Yes
          • Interval training: Yes
          • Alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goals including time, distance, heart rate or calories): Yes
          • Compatible with Garmin Connect™ Mobile: Yes
          • Touchscreen: Yes
          • Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation: Yes (spot-check and optionally in sleep)
          • SatIQ™ Technology: Yes
          • Connect IQ™ (downloadable watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps): Yes
          • Cadence (provides a real-time number of steps per minute): Yes
          • Controls smartphone music: Yes
          • Improved Recovery Time: Yes
          • PacePro™ Pacing Strategies: Yes
          • Yardage to layups/doglegs: Yes
          • Auto Pause®: Yes
          • Full vector map: Yes
          • Body Battery™ Energy Monitor: Yes
          • Accelerometer: Yes
          • Recovery Time: Yes
          • Preloaded with 43,000 courses worldwide: Yes
          • Strap material: Silicone
          • Jet lag adviser: Yes
          • Round timer/odometer: Yes
          • Cardio workouts: Yes
          • Galileo: Yes
          • Distance travelled: Yes
          • Manual lap: Yes
          • GPS-based distance, time and pace: Yes
          • Assistance: Yes
          • Pairs with Garmin Golf app: Yes
          • Pilates workouts: Yes
          • Auto CourseView updates: Yes
          • Downloadable training plans: Yes
          • Measures shot distance (calculates exact yardage for shots from anywhere on course): Yes

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          Why Choose Garmin S70?

          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch isn't just a gadget; it's a game-enhancer. Its blend of innovative technology, practical features, and stylish design makes it an essential tool for any golfer seeking to improve their game. The watch offers unparalleled accuracy, a global golf course database, advanced analysis tools, and robust build quality.

          Whether you're a seasoned pro or an amateur golfer, the Garmin S70 can help you make informed decisions, elevate your game, and, most importantly, enjoy the sport even more. Invest in a Garmin S70 today and experience the difference it can make on the course.

          What's in the Box?

          When you purchase the Garmin S70, you're not just getting an outstanding golf watch but investing in a complete package designed to enhance your golfing experience. Here's what you can expect to find inside the box:

          1. Approach® S70: At the heart of the package is the Garmin S70 itself. This stylish and feature-packed golf watch is designed to provide you with crucial information and tools to elevate your game.
          2. Charging/Data Cable: Keeping your Garmin S70 powered is essential, and the included charging/data cable ensures your watch is always ready for the next round. Additionally, this cable allows for seamless data transfer between your watch and other devices, making it easy to update software, upload scores, and more.
          3. Documentation: Your Garmin S70 has comprehensive documentation, providing everything from setup instructions to in-depth feature explanations. This information ensures that you can utilize all the unique features and functions of your Garmin S70 to its fullest potential.


          1. Versatility: The watch's combination of golf-specific features and health-monitoring capabilities makes it versatile for golf and overall wellness tracking.
          2. Extensive Course Information: With over 43,000 preloaded courses, golfers can access a wealth of information to help them plan their game.
          3. Helpful Suggestions: The performance-based club suggestions can help golfers improve their game, making the watch a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced players. The ability to link to a weather app and get wind direction could help all golfers.


          1. Price: The Approach S70 is a premium product and may be out of reach for some potential buyers.
          2. Limited to Golf: While the watch does offer health monitoring, its primary focus is golf. Those looking for a more general sports watch might find the Approach® S70 too specialized.

          The Garmin Legacy

          Garmin, synonymous with high-quality GPS devices, has made an indelible mark on the golfing world with its premium range of GPS watches. The brand's historical lineup of golf smartwatches speaks to the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to innovation that has cemented Garmin as a leader in the golf GPS market.

          What sets Garmin watches apart are:

          • Precision: Accuracy is at the core of Garmin's products, delivering precise measurements that golfers can rely on.
          • Versatility: Garmin's golf watches are known for their multi-functionality, offering a range of tools beyond just GPS.
          • Durability: Built to last, Garmin watches withstand the rigours of golfing environments while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.
          • Innovation: Garmin is known for staying ahead of the curve, introducing cutting-edge features that enhance golfers' gameplay.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Absolutely; here are the answers to those frequently asked questions about the Garmin S70 Golf Watch:

          1. How does the Garmin S70 Golf Watch help improve my game?
          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch offers several features to improve your golf game. It comes preloaded with over 43,000 golf courses worldwide and offers club recommendations based on wind, elevation, and swing data. The watch also provides valuable insights into hazards, distance to the green, and the true shape of each green.

          2. What is the significance of the AMOLED display on the Garmin S70 Golf Watch?
          The AMOLED display on the Garmin S70 is a super bright, easy-to-read 1.4" touch display. This high-definition screen improves visibility in different lighting conditions and makes it easier for golfers to read the data on the screen.

          3. How accurate are the preloaded golf courses on the Garmin S70 Golf Watch?
          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch includes detailed, full-colour CourseView maps for over 43,000 golf courses worldwide. These courses are regularly updated for accuracy.

          4. What is the "Virtual Caddie" feature on the Garmin S70 Golf Watch?
          The "Virtual Caddie" feature provides a club recommendation based on wind, elevation, and swing data. It also includes a shot dispersion chart that shows potential hazards based on your club choice.

          5. How does the Garmin S70 Golf Watch assist with club recommendations?
          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch uses data on wind, elevation, and your previous swing data to provide accurate club recommendations. This feature can help golfers make informed decisions and potentially improve their game.

          6. Can the Garmin S70 Golf Watch be used in all weather conditions?
          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch is water-resistant with a 5 ATM water rating. It is designed to be used in various weather conditions, including rain.

          7. How does the "Green View" feature work on the Garmin S70 Golf Watch?
          The "Green View" feature on the Garmin S70 Golf Watch gives you a true view of the green's shape from wherever you are on the course. It can help you plan your shots more accurately.

          8. Does the Garmin S70 Golf Watch provide distance information for hazards on the course?
          Yes, the Garmin S70 Golf Watch features a "Hazard View" that gives critical distance information so you know what to avoid on the course.

          9. How does the Garmin S70 Golf Watch assist with health and fitness tracking?
          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch includes 24/7 health monitoring and activity tracking. It tracks your heart rate, stress, sleep, and more. You can also view more detailed health and fitness information when paired with the Garmin Golf App.

          10. Can I connect my Garmin S70 Golf Watch with the Garmin Golf App for additional features?
          The Garmin S70 Golf Watch can be paired with the Garmin Golf App for added functionality. This includes analysis of your game, leaderboards, tournaments, and more. It also enables you to connect with friends and other golfers in the community.

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