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Footjoy Golf Gloves Buying Guide




The range of Footjoy golf gloves is extensive and they will have a glove to suit all players however it is important that you choose the correct one for your game.

The Stasof, Sciflex and Premium golf gloves are all top end leather gloves and these are worn by the more experianced golfer as they tend to wear quite quickly if in the hands of a higher handicap as the leather is not as wearing as the man made fibres.

The Weathersof and GTX are fantastic and are a great all round performer that will last well (especially the GTX) and these are suited to most golfers and if you are a beginner you would choose either of these.

When choosing a new glove make sure you get a good tight fit as many golfers choose a glove that is not tight enough as they will soon give and a sloppy glove is of no use to anyone.

You may also want to consider have a few gloves in your bag as it is nice to rotate your gloves and I feel you really must have a rainfit glove in your bag as these are sensational when playing in the rain and will give you a super grip when it is wet.

Make sure you choose the correct glove which means a right handed golfer will purchase a left handed glove and vice versa for a left handed player.