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FootJoy Golf Gloves Advice, News and Buyers Guide

The FootJoy Glove is an Icon in its own right, you will see the FJ logo displayed on many a golfers hand, as FootJoy boast being, the #1 Glove played on Tour. The FootJoy brand prides itself not only on its superior footwear, but also for gloves. Each model has a superb fit and feel and has been created with the golfer in mind, to produce a glove for all occassions. The finest premium leathers are used and synthetic materials to give you that unrivaled quality.


FootJoy Gloves are worn by more Tour Pro's than any other glove, thats why it is Number #1


Give yourself the perfect grip and let FJ take care of your golf glove. Constructed to the highest quality and offered in a wide range of sizes in various performance styles, there is a FootJoy Glove to suit every golfer. 


Here are some of the Key FootJoy Gloves below to look out for: 



  • FootJoy Contour FLX -  The new FJ Contour FLX golf glove is handcrafted with a premium CabrettaSof leather along with a technically-advanced combination construction for optimum feel, comfortable fit, lightweight breathability and flexibility. Learn More


  • FootJoy Pro FLX - This new FootJoy Pro FLX golf glove features the finest hand crafted leather. It is engineered to stay softer longer and provide exceptional moisture resistance. Golf's #1 combination glove offers breathable PowerNet mesh across the knuckles. Learn More


FootJoy Premium Leather Gloves


  • FootJoy Pure Touch - The Pure Touch Premium is the top of the range leather glove that FootJoy offer. This glove is used by many golf professional worldwide, it offers incredible feel with its tailored fit and hand crafted premium leather. Learn More


  • FootJoy CarbrettaSof - The All Leather FootJoy CabrettaSof glove provides a soft feel with added durability at tremendous value. Learn More


  • FootJoy StaSof - Experience the ultimate in tour-proven performance! The StaSof golf glove provides optimum feel, unmatched grip, exceptional moisture management and long lasting softness in all climates and conditions of play. Learn More


  • FootJoy Spectrum - Look good on the golf course with this colourful range from FootJoy. The FootJoy Spectrum Golf Gloves offers the golfer soft cabretta leather that has been specially tanned to retain colour, resist water and perspiration whilst retaining a soft comfortable feel. Learn More



FootJoy leather gloves, give you the ultimate soft feel and quality in the hand, that lets you feel completely connected to the golf club. 



FootJoy All Weather Gloves


  • FootJoy GTxtreme - The FootJoy GTxtreme Golf Glove has been designed to provide optimum grip performance along with a precision fit and excellent durability in all climate conditions. Learn More


  • FootJoy WinterSof - This performance winter golf glove is sold exclusively in pairs. The new polyester microfibre fleece provides lightweight comfort and warmth. The improved water resistant non-woven synthetic palm helps to keep your hands dry, while the index finger and contoured palm offers exceptional all weather grip and durability. A long cuff length provides a comfortable FootJoy fit and added warmth. Learn More


  • FootJoy Raingrip Extreme - The wet weather glove from FootJoy a must-have performance glove for wet weather conditions. Sold as a single glove or in a pair. Learn More


All our FootJoy Golf gloves come in a wide range of sizes, so you can find the best fit for your hand, there range covers Men's, Ladies and Junior's. If your unsure about what size glove you should be wearing and what is meant to be a good fit, we have produced a guide below to give you a helping hand. 


For more information please visit our golf gloves buyers guide on our blog

Footjoy Gloves
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FootJoy Golf Gloves Buying Guide




The FootJoy golf glove range is extensive and there is a glove to suit all players, however it is important that you choose the correct glove for your game.

The FootJoy Pure Touch, CarbrettaSof, StaSof and New Contour FLX and Pro FLX gloves are all top end premium quality leather gloves, which offer a superior feel, comfort and breathability. The soft leather will provide you with a natural grip, making you feel more connected to the golf club. Leather gloves are great to wear during dry conditions, however playing golf in the rain, you will want to choose an all weather glove instead as this has been specifically designed with a combination of synthetic materials to help enhance your grip.  

The GTxtreme glove is a fantastic all weather glove and a great all round performer that will serve you well in all conditions. Our personal reccomendation to give you the best of both, is to invest in a premium leather glove for the dry sping summer months and choose to wear an all weather performance glove during the autumn winter months. 

When choosing a new glove make sure you get a good firm fit, you want the golf glove to feel like its a second skin on your hand. Not to tight that it restricts your hand movement, but you also don't want this too loose that you can't feel the club in your hands because of excess material getting in the way! 

The golf glove is an essential piece of kit to have in your golf bag and its important you get your glove choice and style right, FootJoy has you covered in all these areas. 

One final key point to remember, when choosing your glove, is getting it for the correct hand depending on if you are a Right Hand or Left Handed golfer. This means a right handed golfer will purchase a left handed glove and vice versa for a left handed player.

How to Fit Your Golf Glove

Are You Wearing The Right Size Glove? 

A golf glove fitted properly, is as important to you and your game as wearing the right size shoes, or using the correctly fitted golf clubs and golf ball. However many golfers tend to neglect this part of there game and you will often see many players not wearing the right size glove for them. Afterall the golf glove is the closest point of contact to the club head than any other piece of your equipment. If you are not wearing the correctly fitted golf glove, this can casue movement, which can compromise your swing, so ther correct fit is crucial to your game and as we all know in golf, its the little details that can make a big difference. 

You want your glove to feel like a second skin on your hand. Here are some key points to look out for when wearing a glove. 

  • Fits Like A Second Skin: A correctly fitted glove, should feel like a second skin. Tight across the palm and fingers with no loose material. 
  • Fingers Should Be Snug: You should not have any excess material at the top of your fingers. If you find this occurs, you may want to consider trying the next glove size down. 
  • Room To Adjust Closure: The closure tab should only come about 75% off the way across the back of your hand. You will want to leave a quarter uncovered, to allow for any adjustments needed while playing. 


How To Determine Your Glove Size

It is estimated that more than 50% of golfers are not wearing the right size glove for there game. Most are wearing a glove that is too big for them. 

There are just two simple measurements you need to take down, to find out what size glove you are in relation to the size guide. 

  • First measure the length of your middle finger 
  • Then measure the circumference of your hand, measure around the first knuckle (excluding the thumb)
  • You should end up with a measurement that looks something like this - ("8.5" x "11")

Using the FootJoy size chart, this will then correlate into a glove size such as, (Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, X-Large) 

Sizing Tips

  • If you fall between two sizes, try the smaller size first.
  • If your size comes out different from what you normally wear, try the size we recommend first.
  • If your Finger Length and Palm Width number differ by more than 2 than you will want to try on several sizes to determine the best compromise.
  • For some men, a Womens glove may be your best option. Several FootJoy tour players wear a Womens glove on tour for optimal performance.
  • Always try the glove on to ensure proper fit.
  • Check your size at the start of every season, it can change over time.
  • Be sure to read Are you wearing the right size glove? before making a final glove size determination.