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Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls

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Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls

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The Callaway Super Soft golf ball is Callaway's softest ever golf ball they have ever produced. Don't let this fool you this golf ball still can deliver plenty of distance from both your driver and irons.

Softest Golf Ball

Super soft is callaway's softest golf ball ever. It has a compression of only 38, which is 20 lower than some of our most popular 2-piece balls.

Super Long

This really is a super long golf ball, thanks to an Ultra Low Compression core that delivers maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance. And more distance seems to make golfers happy.

Super Straight

Incredibly straight ball flight. The super low spin is the catalyst that makes it happen.

EAN - 884885975857


"Supersoft is the softest golf ball we've ever made. It is a two-piece golf ball, with a mid 30s ball compression and a zero compression core. The soft compression of this ball, what it does is when you hit it with your longer clubs like your driver, your fairway wood, your long irons, the ball deforms upon impact and that depth formation reduces the amount of torque that is put on the ball, so reduces driver spin and the reduced driver spin results an increased distance. 

Reduced driver spin also helps with your dispersion, so just lower back spin in general is going to create less side spin as well, so the big slices the golfers generally hit, they are going to be reduced and they are going to be much straighter. With our core recipe in our formulation to develop a really resilient, zero compression core which enables us to put a soft cover over the top of that. We feel that you need to use this golf ball as it allows us to get the ball speed and the distance that are going to go a long way for golfers.

Supersoft has a very soft cover on it, so you will get still good spin around the greens. It's a very soft surline cover that is going to check out nicely. It's very simple, this ball is super long, super straight, and super soft.