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Golf Trolley Advice, News and Buyers Guide

A golf trolley is one of the essential pieces of kit that all golfers look for these days. Many golfers are now switching to an electric cart as these have been proven to help a golfer have a more enjoyable experience. Whether you choose a pull trolley, push trolley or an electric we can guide you in the right direction. Read more in our news advice and buyers guide.

The golf trolley is a simple device that is designed to house your golf clubs but the choice nowadays is vast. The amount of brands you can get is greater and we now have many different styles to choose from.

About 10 years ago it seemed that electric trollies were for old men but this stigma has now changed with many younger golfers feeling like this is an essential piece of kit.

Should I choose a 2 wheeled or a 3 wheeled, would a aluminum or steel trolley work best and should I have a manual or a pull trolley. We have a massive choice and our buyers guide will give you some excellent tips on what to look for when buying your next trolley.


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