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TaylorMade Irons News, Advice and Buyers Guide

TaylorMade has been making golf equipment since 1979. Their first innovative product; a stainless steel 12-degree driver was an instant hit, and ever since then they have been making a wide array of golf products. They provide one of the most helpful equipment for players of different skill levels.

TaylorMade’s Irons are well known among professional golfers as they are lightweight and sturdy. Their most popular Irons that have SpeedPocket technology are the RocketBladez and the Burner OS.

The SpeedPocket technology both irons are not only flexible but also features proximity to the whole. It is in the 3 - 7 Iron, mostly because of the fact that that’s where one compresses the ball the most. In addition both irons’ weights are lowered down to the heads of the iron, to also lower the center of gravity.

This year the RocketBladez Iron products have standard Rocketfuel graphite shafts and are physically longer and straighter. Golfers who seek great distances as a result will find RocketBladez Irons to be ideal.

A ladies’ shaft choice is also available; it provides comfort as its Speed Pocket is filled with a specially formulated polyurethane. They are designed to promote high ball speeds besides farther distance coverage.
RocketBladez Irons usually have heavier steel shafts in order to promote better control and rhythm.

The Burner OS irons on the other hand are available in both graphite shafts and superlight REAX golf shaft. It usually fitted with the TaylorMade Arrow golf grip for a more firm hold for golfers.

Like the RocketBladez, the Burner OS irons are engineered to promote faster ball speed. It also features the inverted cone technology of TaylorMade; a feature that enable golfers to obtain farther distances on off-center hits. The shafts are generally far lighter than the RocketBladez which allows golfers to have faster swing speed.

TaylorMade Irons generally have sound management systems to dampen the sound and improve the feel of for golfers. Most come in steel shafts and graphite; the RocketFuel technology of TaylorMade.


TaylorMade Rocketbladez Irons - Big Breakthrough



Bret Wahl: In iron R&D at TaylorMade, we've been chasing fast faced irons for a number of years. We needed a breakthrough, a real technological breakthrough, in order to go to the next level of speed and consistency. The speed pocket helps us get to the next level of innovation in iron design.

Brian Bazzel: There hasn't been any true innovation in tour irons in several decades outside of perimeter waiting. What we were able to do is focus on one simple thing. And, that's proximity to the whole. We did that through one technology. And, that's the speed pocket.

BW: We actually began working on it about the same time asmetal the team was working on it in fairway woods and rescues. However, we found that it took a great deal and more time to perfect it in an iron. As we evolve structures, starting with the Burner 9 and Burner 2.0 and the RBZ, we kept evolving structures to get faster and faster phases. This allows us to get higher C.O.R and more flexibility and compliance in our face, that equals greater ball speed. However as we kept doing that over the years, we ran into a problem. What happens is we've make the center of the phase hotter and hotter and hotter. Yet the perimeter of the iron wasn't getting any faster. We still had a very rigid leading edge of rigid top line and a rigid perimeter structure. What this would mean is we would be hot in the center, but we would be slower speed wise, lower on the face. So we knew, we needed a breakthrough. We needed the new technology that would allow us to be even faster. But more importantly, be more consistent.

BB: In the RocketBladez model, we took actually seventeen and a half grams and moved it down in the club head to lower the center of gravity. We took way from the hosel, we thin the hosel, we shortened it. We took way from the top line and moved it down. We took way by thinning the face more and moving it down. Lowering the C.G produces that higher launching goal that higher pitch projectry that we're looking for. The speed pocket is designed for more ball speed. It gives you more distance.

BW: But still, that's the leading edge flex which gives us a whole new level of consistency of performance.

BB: The Speed Pocket is in the 3-7 Iron. It's in these irons because that's where you compress the ball the most. So it activates that pocket and produces that higher launch and additional speed. The things that most of us can use in the middle-long iron.

BW: Well, we designed irons at TaylorMade. We'd like to think of the iron head as the system of design variables that all come together to deliver the performance we desire.

BB: Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Sean O'Hair, Justin Leonard. All of these guys have tried RocketBladez Tour Irons and they were all blown away by the performance. In fact, Sean O'Hairafter after hitting for the first time, he said: "I've got to play this right away". Yes, he begged us kind of to put him in play in Vegas. And what was very cool about this after the tourney, he called us right away and said: "You know what, it delivered in everything you promised. It was predictable, consistent." He felt like he can go at pins and he couldn't go out before. You know as that kind of performance that we think, in 2013, that's gonna make the RocketBladez Tour Iron, the number one iron on tour.

BW: It does so much for us in terms of performance, that we believe, that moving forward, all irons in this category will have slot features.