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TaylorMade Irons News, Advice and Buyers Guide

TaylorMade has been making golf equipment since 1979. Their first innovative product; a stainless steel 12-degree driver was an instant hit, and ever since then they have been making a wide array of golf products. They provide one of the most helpful equipment for players of different skill levels.

TaylorMade’s Irons are well known among professional golfers as they are lightweight and sturdy. Their most popular Irons that have SpeedPocket technology are the RocketBladez and the Burner OS.

The SpeedPocket technology both irons are not only flexible but also features proximity to the whole. It is in the 3 - 7 Iron, mostly because of the fact that that’s where one compresses the ball the most. In addition both irons’ weights are lowered down to the heads of the iron, to also lower the center of gravity.

This year the RocketBladez Iron products have standard Rocketfuel graphite shafts and are physically longer and straighter. Golfers who seek great distances as a result will find RocketBladez Irons to be ideal.

A ladies’ shaft choice is also available; it provides comfort as its Speed Pocket is filled with a specially formulated polyurethane. They are designed to promote high ball speeds besides farther distance coverage.
RocketBladez Irons usually have heavier steel shafts in order to promote better control and rhythm.

The Burner OS irons on the other hand are available in both graphite shafts and superlight REAX golf shaft. It usually fitted with the TaylorMade Arrow golf grip for a more firm hold for golfers.

Like the RocketBladez, the Burner OS irons are engineered to promote faster ball speed. It also features the inverted cone technology of TaylorMade; a feature that enable golfers to obtain farther distances on off-center hits. The shafts are generally far lighter than the RocketBladez which allows golfers to have faster swing speed.

TaylorMade Irons generally have sound management systems to dampen the sound and improve the feel of for golfers. Most come in steel shafts and graphite; the RocketFuel technology of TaylorMade.


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