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Powakaddy Golf News, Advice and Buyers Guide

The UK-based PowaKaddy is a brand that has become synonymous with the electric golf trolley since the release of their first model, the PowaKaddy Classic, in 1983. PowaKaddy Company’s latest releases include:

PowaKaddy Freeway 18 Hole is an upgrade of the original model with a range of great new features. The soft grip handle has been redesigned to be ambidextrous while the trolley now has nine speed settings.

The new battery tray has a unique interchangeable connection that allows you to shift from lead acid to extended batteries. Meanwhile, the four-point bag retainer ensures the bag is held securely with wide webbing straps, while the new foot plate design offers a secure location for PowaKaddy bags from 2006 up with an improved locking mechanism.

It has a 200w motor is powerful enough to run on virtually all terrain types while still operating quietly, while the Soft Front wheel runs silently on hard surfaces. And it is fully foldable and can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds.

The PowaKaddy Freeway Extended Range features a lightweight 22AH battery that will last for two entire golf games as well as a range of other great features. The Four Point bag retainer features oversized webbing straps that holds your golf bag in place, even over the roughest terrain.

It's analogue controls feature a soft start function as well as a foot plate locking mechanism to ensure that the golf cart won’t accidentally take off while you’re playing and redesigned wheels with a freewheel option so that yo can move the cart in any direction you want.

The Freeway Extended Range is also easy to maintain, with a completely-sealed gear unit and drive, while still being lightweight enough to easily disassemble and transport and the AMST alloy chassis guarantees durability.

PowaKaddy Company also offers a great range of accessories to go with your electric trolley, including:
A universal GPS holder for conveniently holding your range finder, it comes with two brackets that are designed to work with most PowaKaddy trolley models.

England Golf Review the Digital

“England Golf Review the Digital”


My name’s Terry Casey, I’m the England’s Golf Manager. I’ve always been an advocate of having a car caddy for particular reasons.

Very obviously, the fitness side is the most important thing for my aspect and major tournaments. One tends to have a large bag, impossible to carry to be fair. So many things need to get in there, so much more water, so much bits of equipment and what have you. It’s not only one round, often two rounds in a day and we know from statistics that players by the end of the day are flagging. One needs to do everything possible to to avoid that end.

Cart caddies’ one of the best ways forward. I think the physio is a very much pro the power caddy in the sense of their advising youngsters in particular don’t carry bags very well. That’s not that bad necessarily with a light bag with two straps. But then I’ve seen youngsters who don’t know how to use two straps and I find it very uncomfortable.

The postures are awful, immediately one says turned left and do it at all. From my perspective, yes, I think somebody who’s out all day, everyday playing golf doesn’t need to use it all the time. But certainly, all to have one of those for particular occasions and specifically tournaments and obviously, I’d guess exciting thing power caddy have now agreed to continue for a multi-year agreement with the England’s Squads.

I think it’s great and obviously they look good as well. So, from my perspective, having our squad looking good and knowing that there is something that’s helping them perform is all important, delighted. 

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