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Ping Putters News, Advide and Buyers Guide

Ping putters are very popular in the world of golf due to its meticulous finish and high end stylish look. As a matter of fact, Ping putters have won a lot of US PGA Tour competitions amongst any other brand.

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This American brand is one of the largest manufacturers of golf products today and undoubtedly revolutionized the golf club designs and materials. Initiated by Karsten Solheim, who named this line of golf clubs after the sound made by the ball when struck by a metal, created a significant level of competition amongst other top golf putter brands.

Ping Scottsdale TR Adjustable Patterns sizes vary from 31” to 38” and create a longer more stable play.
Available in 8 designs:

  • Tom Cat S with a slight arc and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insert that contributes to the ball control over the distance of the roll.
  • Shea H. 365 g with strong arc and a conventional putter type
  • ZB S. 350 g with strong arc and a conventional putter type
  • B60. 345 g with slight arc and a mid-length putter type
  • Tatum. 345 g  no arc (straight) and a conventional putter type
  • Anser 2. 350 g with slight arc and a conventional putter type
  • Shea. 355 g with slight arc and a conventional putter type
  • Ping Scottsdale TR Golf Putter  is remarkable with its 2 Mallet design and is being looked after by professional golfers and collectors. Available in 2 models:Senita and Gray Hawk

Ping Serene ladies Craz-E Too Putter is part of the Serene range of putters together with Anser 2, B60 and Shea models

Ping Nome Golf Putter – Belly is heavier than the usual putters ranging from 350- 370 grams, this newly designed putter from Ping is 405 grams which validates its top quality.

Ping Scottsdale Putter Wolverine is an incredibly edgy designed putter made up of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and high-contrast alignment system that users will be appreciating more than the others.

Ping Scottsdale Putter Pickemup is available in either in conventional, belly and long putter designs that will suit your head weight balance preference. The design is superb with great feel during strokes.

Ping Anser Milled Series has been attempted to be copied by different golf brands because of its perfect design and stroke feel. This is said to be the most influential type of golf putter known today and succeeded in being noted to have the most professional golf wins.

You’ll be able to select from the different Ping putters offered in reasonable prices online. Ping putters are the favorite choice of amateurs and professional golfers because of its quality consistency and outstanding designs.

Ping » Putters


Ping Putter News

The new series of Anser Milled putters not only refine the most famous ever heel-and-toe weighted design but clarify the concept of choosing the right amount of face balance to match your style of stroke.

The seven models comprise one fully face-balanced design targeted to 'square-to-square' strokes (or those with closing 'arcs' of less then 3.5 inside the target line); four 'mid-hang' models catering for a 'slight arc' (3.5°-7.5°); and two with more pronounced toe hang for arcs of 7.5 or more.

As well as a satin nickel finish for a modern non-glare look, the 2012 Ansers have subtle new contouring and a precision "double" milled face that's softer and more responsive than we expected from a steel face with no insert. 

Meanwhile, Ping continues its forays into high-MOl mallets with the Sydney: an oversize multi-material showstopper with an aluminium body and judicious tungsten weighting at the extremes for a freely flowing, face-balanced action for those with a straight stroke.

Elsewhere, there are now seven offerings in the Scottsdale Series all with a charcoal PVD finish and special TPE thermoplastic elastomer insert which feels as good as in the original models. 

Again, all are conceived within the Fit For Stroke system that caters for straight, slight arc and strong arc strokes, as denoted by blue, green and red shaft stickers, respectively.

Almost stealing the show is the Ping Nome 405 whose length, uniquely, can be adjusted from 37.5 to 46.5 inches via a telescopic shaft.

"Adjustability is key because the standard 42-inch belly putter fits a narrow range of people," explains Ping chief, John Solheim, "When the shaft is too long or too short, it alters your distance from the ball, your eye position, and the path of your stroke. Adjustability lets you experiment until your posture is comfortable and your eyes are over the ball, which helps you make a consistent stroke and solid impact."
It was used by Hunter Mahan to win the WGC-Accenture Match Play tournament. 


Ping Nome Putter

This is the club that single-handedly turned Hunter Mahan into one of the world's elite players. It's called the Nome and is Ping's latest concept putter. Milled from soft metal, it features perimeter weighting to improve forgiveness on mis-hits and a striking alignment aid that really stands out. 

The weight is perfect - nice and heavy but evenly distributed throughout the club, ensuring perfect balance. The feel is arguably the Nome's best asset, though. I associate concept patten with a tinny, finesse-less thud, but that couldn't be farther from the truth with this. I

Another problem many concept putters have is a tendency to be excellent from close range, but tough to gauge distance with on longer putts. The Nome combines the close range reliability of a concept with the long-range finesse of a blade.