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Ping Irons News, Advide and Buyers Guide

Ping has been in the golf club production business for over fifty years now. Some of their recently released products will be discussed below. Ping’s G25 family is among the company’s top golf clubs. This consists of slimmer heads with narrower soles as compared to the usual golf clubs in the market.

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Despite its more slender features, the G25 can still support extreme levels of forgiveness. That’s because Ping has incorporated a CTP technology in these clubs. The CTP innovation works by relieving stress impacts of the ball on the head for more improved shots during matches.

The i20 series golf clubs is another thing that golf enthusiasts must check out. It comes in steel and graphite variants. The clubs range from three to nine. So, users can select which of these will suit their playing skills best. As a rule, three clubs reach longer distances while nine clubs enables a strong ball bounce that can reach up to 10”.

The G20 line should not also be underestimated. That’s because Ping worked hard on this for an improved playing performance. The G20 clubs basically compose of 17-4 grade steel with cavity back heads. In addition to the steel used in it, the heads of the G20 irons also comprises elastomer that produce good sound vibrations after every shot.

As for Ping’s K15, this family of golf clubs uses AWT for its shaft and ID8 for its grip. Users who prefer the hybrid types may still choose from this line since K15 comes in AWT and TFC 149H materials. Of these two, the TFC 149H is the main material used for hybrid shafts. A notable feature of this family is its increased head size coupled with unique grooves that adapts with the swings of the user.

The S-56 is also worthy of attention. That’s because the units from this line are made for greater precision. This series is also composed of blade type heads with a stabilizing bar technology. The stabilizing bars also come in different sizes. So, golfers may adjust them depending on their needs.

Ping’s latest golf club innovation is found on its Anser series. In fact, golf clubs from this line is commonly found in PGA golf tournaments. The Anser series produced two types of golf clubs including that Project X Steel and TFC800i Graphite Irons. Both of these types are made to deliver excellent performance during tournaments. 


Ping Anser Irons Overview by Ping Golf



The anser iron is engineered for the passionate golfer who wants a club with clean, sophisticated lines combining with the forgiveness you expect of a ping iron. This forged iron appeals to the eye with its satin chrome finish and inspirational head shape.

Beyond its appearance the anser delivers a key performance benefit - the ability to launch the ball higher with your long irons and low and controlled with your short irons.

Optimizing your ball flights this way gives you the confidence to play a large variety of shots with every club in your bag and that’s gonna improve your overall game. Consistent ball flights are created by the anser’s progressive stabilizing bar technology. Stabilizing bars in the back cavity angle out wider and are thinner in the longer irons to locate the CG low for higher ball speed and initial launch angle. These bars get more vertical and are thickest in the short irons for penetrating ball flights with optimal spin.

The bars also support the streamlined face design to help increase ball velocity for greater distance especially in the longer irons. This progressive set design features larger heads in the longer irons and progressively smaller heads to the short irons.

The multi material design features a soft 8620 steel body with the dense tungsten sole weight and hallow cavity that optimizes CG and maximizes MOI. At impact the anser delivers a solid compress feel and partly due to the multiple machine back cavities which also make the club more forgiving.

You get the best of both worlds in the anser irons. The feel, performance, and distance control of a muscle back with the forgiveness of the cavity back. It’s a combination that will bring consistency and predictability to your shot making.