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Ping Hybrids News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Since 1959, PING has provided its costumers with quality golf equipments using the latest innovations in technology to aid their costumers in their golfing experience. Today, PING offers a wide variety of hybrid and rescue irons to accompany golf enthusiasts in their beloved sports.

Ping Hybrid G25

This latest club head hybrid of PING offers absolute quality gaming for the golfer, offering easy alignment, 6 loft options and non glare finish. Made from 17-4 stainless steel and having a swing height of D1.

Ping I20 Hybrid 

PING I20 Hybrid has a low CG and forgiving face offering an easier launch and higher aim. I20 also has a compact head that is neutral and offers an easy alignment for adjustment. A low deep CG offers maximal trajectory to stop the ball on the green.

This innovation from PING offers a  full command of the clubface ensuring utmost control and trajectory for the player. PING I20 guarantees glare free from this hybrid due to its matte-black finish  thus eliminating its glare and reflections.

Ping G20 Hybrid

A  hybrid specifically made for men which is available in 17, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees for both the right and left handed golf players. 

The shaft is available in soft regular, regular stiff and extra stiff.

PING G20 offers a flatter lie angle and crown that improves the appearance, presenting the player with an added confidence.

Ping Anser Golf Hybrid Rescue Club 

This newest innovation from PING offers accuracy and higher trajectory due to its unique engineering for optimal performance. the PING TFC 800 H shafts are carefully designed to balance their weights ans flexes to help all levels of players for best results in their  game. 

Ping Golf Ladies Serene Hybrid 

The newest hybrid made especially for the ladies is the latest in technology of PING .It has a graphite shaft and easy to use with its ultra thin crown and stainless steel. All that you need in golfing for women is all offered in Ping gold ladies serene hybrid 210. 

This hybrid is specifically engineered to keep its center of gravity from being too low thus producing more spin thus increasing distance and roll and giving a higher flight in the balls in all conditions.

Ping K15 Hybrids Graphite

 A very limited offer by PING that is available for customization. This hybrid allows the golf aficionados improved ball flight and consistency in  your game, giving you a lower spinning and higher launching shots that can fly longer and straighter.

The large internal weight pad feature of the K15 produces a high MOI for enhanced forgiveness, as its offset hosel and face relationship I improves launch and reduces spin.

Ping » Hybrids / Rescue Irons


Ping Anser Hybrids Overview By Ping Golf


The anser hybrids offer enhanced CG positions and a forgiving head design to optimize launch conditions and playability. They are available in lofts of 17, 20, 23, and 27 degrees. In each of the clubs we utilize both internal and external weighting to progressively locate the center gravity optimizing for that particular loft.

For instance in the 17 degree hybrid the CG has been moved slightly lower and further back to help launch the ball higher while maintaining the correct spin for a strong ball flight. As the lofts increase the CG has been moved relative more forward to ensure the best possible launch condition for that club.

The anser hybrid has a traditional face that is slightly larger making it more forgiving on miss hits. The lower portion of the face has been extended and squared off which offers three main benefits.

1) It makes aiming at your intended target more accurate and repeatable,

2) It positions mass further from the CG driving up the MOI for more forgiveness, and

3) It positions mass lower in the club head which helps to optimize the spin rate.

Rounding out the new improvements is a non-glare matte black finish virtually eliminates distractions so that you can stay focused on the shot at hand. All of these new features will add up to better golf shots so you can play your very best

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