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Ping Hybrids News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Hybrids and Rescue clubs have become increasingly popular since they were first released. Ping Golf produce some excellent top quality Hybrids and Rescues to compliment their irons, fairway woods and Driver collection. 


The PING G Hybrid


  • Designed with Pings latest Turbulator Technology. The G Hybrid from Ping with Crown turbulators and contrasting grooves on the face help provide a captured look and assist in aim and alignment, creating a consistently centered impact position.
  • Hybrid technology takes a leap forward, highlighted by the G hybrids’ innovative tiered internal sole, which helps activate face flexing and deflection to power the ball off the face faster for greater distance. The ultra-thin crown allows for a low-back centre of gravity to ensure high launch, reduced spin and a higher MOI for maximising forgiveness.


The PING G Crossover Hybrid 


  • PING created a new category the Crossover to combine the precision, workability and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid. It’s not a driving iron; the Crossover is far more forgiving, higher launching and more versatile. An innovative cascading internal sole engages the entire face, sole and top rail in flexing to maximise distance.


The PING G30 Hybrid 


  • The G30 hybrids benefit from performance engineered internal weight pads. Heel toe weighting elevates MOI and forgiveness. Weight in the low sole creates a low back CG for consistent impact and helps you launch the ball high and on target. In the lower lofted hybrids, the CG is farther back to promote high launch. A lower, more forward CG through the mid and higher lofted models reduces spin. Progressive CG locations and offsets ensure efficient gapping and trajectories that maximise distance.



The PING Ladies Rhapsody Hybrid 


  • The Ladies Rhapsody hybrids (4H, 5H, 6H) feature lightweight grips and shafts at the same swing weight, producing a lower total system mass. This makes it easier to generate club head speed and ball velocity for added distance.

Ping » Hybrids / Rescue Irons


Ping Anser Hybrids Overview By Ping Golf


The anser hybrids offer enhanced CG positions and a forgiving head design to optimize launch conditions and playability. They are available in lofts of 17, 20, 23, and 27 degrees. In each of the clubs we utilize both internal and external weighting to progressively locate the center gravity optimizing for that particular loft.

For instance in the 17 degree hybrid the CG has been moved slightly lower and further back to help launch the ball higher while maintaining the correct spin for a strong ball flight. As the lofts increase the CG has been moved relative more forward to ensure the best possible launch condition for that club.

The anser hybrid has a traditional face that is slightly larger making it more forgiving on miss hits. The lower portion of the face has been extended and squared off which offers three main benefits.

1) It makes aiming at your intended target more accurate and repeatable,

2) It positions mass further from the CG driving up the MOI for more forgiveness, and

3) It positions mass lower in the club head which helps to optimize the spin rate.

Rounding out the new improvements is a non-glare matte black finish virtually eliminates distractions so that you can stay focused on the shot at hand. All of these new features will add up to better golf shots so you can play your very best