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Under Armour Clothing News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Under Armour is a well known American sports clothing and accessories company that pioneered the moisture wicking fabric. This innovation allows the rapid growth of their company within a decade. Their clothing provides comfort with thermoregulation to aid performance.  

Whatever the weather is, their apparel is the thing to opt for. Choose from Evo Compression Long Sleeve Baselayer Mock , Original Mens ColdGear Mock Base Layer, ColdGear Team Mock , Performance Polo Shirt, Ladies Coldgear Compression Mock, Canvas Belt , Logo Belt Black, Armour Fleece Beanie Navy, Charged Cotton Shortsleeve T Shirt. 

Evo Compression Long Sleeve Base Layer Mock

Aside from its signature moisture wicking fabric, this base layer will keep golf players warm in the cold weather while comfortably playing on the golf course. There is no need to worry about the unpleasant smell while playing because this apparel has the coldgear technology that enables odour control to keep golfers smelling fresh all throughout the play. It is tightly stretchable that makes it a good base layer. A base layer that feels like a second skin that provides a great comfort for an increased power and stamina.

ColdGear Long sleeve Mock

This is the original basics of Under Armour that sold numerous stocks. It offers the same comfort, warm and odour control as the evo baselayer compression. It also aids performance and recovery. The thing that makes it different is that it is more affordable than the evo baselayer.

ColdGear Team Mock

This base layer is the most iconic and best choice of the teams around the world. It has a double knit brushed fabric for a superior moisture transport and thermal protection. Golf players will surely stand out on the course with its compression fit that bolster muscles and increase circulation for higher efficiency and stamina. It also protects the body with its 30+ UPF UV protection and anti-odour technology.

Performance Polo Shirt

Be cool with this shirt on. It keeps players cool under the sun and play comfortably with its 30+ UPF UV protection and 5.6oz weight. Weigh-less but long lasting because of its durability.

Coldgear Compression Mock--- Ladies

Ladies could also get the goodness of Under Armour’s base layer with this coldgear compression mock. It offers the same benefits as with the men’s base layer. Only it has a smooth and soft texture especially made for women’s skin.

Canvas Belt

Stand out on the golf course with this belt that has a stunning buckle that suits almost any trousers. 

Logo Belt Black

Look elegantly polished on the golf course with this 100% leather belt with an oversize Under Amour belt buckle.

Armour Fleece Beanie Navy

Look laid-back with this light beanie that offers comfort through its moisture wicking system.

Charged Cotton Shortsleeve T Shirt

Be stunningly cool with this shirt on. It has a rib collar construction and a quick dry technology that allows players to stay cool.


Under Armour Down To a Tee

IN ITS MARKET RESEARCH, Under Armour identified three categories of golfer, each of which it decided to target with a distinct range of products. And, as you'll see, the results are pretty special. ColdBlack is UA's next generation of performance apparel and has solved an age-old problem - how to stay cool in warm temperatures while wearing dark colours.

Made from performance polyester, which allows perspiration to escape the shirt, ColdBlack offers a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 30, proven to lower body temperature, making it possible for the cooling range to include dark options.

Charged Cotton, meanwhile, caters for the demand for great cotton comfort and fit. These features, however, don't cut it for the $1 bn apparel giant - every garment simply has to also aid performance.


This has been achieved through the inclusion of a uniquely 'charged' strand of cotton for every classic cotton strand. This creates a push/pull effect that transports moisture away from the body five times faster than normal cotton.

Catalyst is the third new shirt and is perfect for the eco-conscious golfer. Amazingly, each shirt is make completely from four recycled plastic bottles.

Taking a scientific approach, Under Armour recycled used water bottles - cleaning and crushing them into tiny strands, before heating them together to create this revolutionary shirt.

Its construction gives golfers a four-way stretch movement that limits abrasion in key impact zones so they can swing more freely. It, again, has excellent moisture transport properties and UV protection.

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