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Galvin Green Clothing News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Golf is a game which involves serious gameplay and concentration. Whether you are a new or seasoned player, you want to be able to focus on your game in utmost comfort, instead of sweating too much on site or worrying about the heat. This is why choosing the right clothes to wear is an important task for golf players.

If you want to play golf in comfort without sacrificing the style, Galvin Green offers a wide array of golf and other sportswear for both men and women. From golf shirts to trousers, mittens and visors, you are sure to find only comfort and quality with Galvin Green — all available at affordable prices.

Galvin Green Golf shirts for men and women

Discover comfort and style with the wide range of Galvin Green golf shirts to fit all your needs. If you’re looking for comfort and simplicity, the Galvin Green Max Shirt is the line for you. Made from the perfect mix of cotton and polyester, these shirts are perfectly soft and breathable, with an elegant single-pocket design. A special Tour Edition Shirt is also available for this design, with more colours to choose from and the Galvin Green logo on the front.

Other lines include the Merwin Ventil8 Body Mapping Short Sleeve Golf Shirt and the Murphy Golf Shirt, both featuring the Ventil8 clothing technology developed by Galvin Green. These are made of breathable cloth material with anti-bacterial properties that prevent body overheating, minimizing sweat and odour. Other shirt designs include the Murdoch and Mitchell lines.

Galvin Green shirts offer different colours and designs for each line, available for all sizes from small (S) to XXXL, so you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Galvin Green Golf trousers and shorts

The same Ventil8 technology has been applied on Galvin Green’s range of trousers and shorts. Galvin Green Phil Golf Shorts are made of pure stretchable polyester for your maximum comfort.

Meanwhile, the Galvin Green Neil Men's Golf Trousers White/Grey as well as the other trouser designs utilizes an elastic waistband for a perfect fit. All pants and shorts come in a range of sizes from 30-42.

All the golf gear you need in one place

Galvin Green also offers different golf and sports gear, all designed with comfort and style in mind. Your choices are endless for leggings, sweaters, slipovers and pullovers.

Also check out the range of wind-stopper and body warmer jackets, skorts (skirt-shorts) for women, belts and mittens. If you’re looking for head gear, Galvin Green also has a collection of visors and golf caps designed for men and ladies alike. 

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