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Yonex Golf Hybrids News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Since 1982 Yonex has created the best quality golfing equipment using lightweight materials, introducing the world’s first all-graphite head driver, and the first graphite headed iron. Since then, Yonex has been widely known to manufacture the best golfing equipments in the industry.

Today, Yonex has three of the best quality hybrid and rescue irons.

Yonex EZONE SD Rescue.

This rescue broght to you by Yonex is perfect for mid to high handicap golfer.

This rescue iron is fully packed by Yonex to for quality gaming and highest comfort possible, the EZONE SD Rescue is loaded with the latest technology in golf as it is also full of features. The EZONE SD Rescue is formidable and offers optimum forgiveness, full of features that are suited for you taste.

It has a SUS630 stainless steel precision casting body, SUS639 stainless Steel precision casting face, a high intensity carbon crown and a nanospeed 200 shaft.  Available for both ht right handed and left handed golfer, customable to suite your taste and comfort

Yonex has indeed outdone itself in making the EZONE SD Rescue.

Yonex Ladies VXF Rescue

The Yonex Ladies VFX Rescue is a rescue made specially for women for absolute comfort, precision and accuracy in golf gaming. The Yonex Ladies VFX Rescue has been specifically engineered to suit the womens taste as is absolutely easy to use. 

Available for both the left handed and right handed golfer with available customisations that would ensure comfort in your game

With the Yonex Ladies VFX Rescues’ great value, each pound is worth it.

The Yonex Ladies VFX Rescue is a must for every ladies golf bags.

Yonex VXF Rescue

The Yonex VXF Rescue is ideal for the golf aficionados that like comfort and accessibility. With the latest and most advanced technology,  the Yonex VXF rescue is specifically engineered by top professionals to be extremely forgiving and have a high launch.

By using the Yonex VXF Rescue, you could ensure that you would have the best gaming scenario there is. Even in the off site shots, the Yonex VXF Rescue ensures maximum accuracy in your shots, giving you a higher launch with the minimal effort.

YONEX equipments are the best there is in the industry and if you are looking for the best in your game, look no further, YONEX offers it all. Affordable and high quality equipments made especially for you.

Yonex » Hybrids / Rescue Irons


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