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SkyCaddie - Advice, News and Buyers Guide

SkyCaddie - Since 1998, SkyGolf has been dedicated to helping golfers improve their game by offering innovative technologies enabling them to play better golf through better information. SkyCaddie's mission is to grow the game and help golfers play better,smarter,faster and have more fun.

GPS and Swing Analyzers have grown to be a very popular and essential items for the modern day golfer, giving the golfer all the specific information they need to work their was around a golf course. 

SkyCaddie produce some of the best GPS devices and wearable tech for Golf, so you can play your best and speed up your game, with SkyCaddies intuitive GPS information, that gives you precise distances and comprehensive golfing features for thousands of pre-loaded international golf courses.

Featured Products - Wearables

  • Linx GT GPS Watch - This is SkyCaddies premium GPS watch with a built in club tag sensor to track the club,location and distance of each shot. This watch wirelessly syncs with SkyCaddie mobile in real time, displaying your shots in vivid HD. 
  • LX3 GPS Watch - The Skycaddie LX3 GPS watch features, Golf, GPS, Time and Fitness tracking all in one neat new device. The Skycaddie LX3 is rich with features, and ready to play with 35,000 error corrected golf courses. It uses intelligent automation (auto course, auto hole and auto distance) to keep your hands free and mind focused on the golf course.

Hand Held Devices

SkyCaddie Touch GPS -  A great large touch screen display showing you everything you will need to know once your on the course. This device will let you know the distances to the front, middle and back of the green also to hazards. The Skycaddie Touch has a digital scorecard and stat tracking that can sync to your mobile phone app, you can also time your golf rounds with the pace of play timer. 

Game Analyzers

SkyPro - The SkyPro has been designed to sync up with your Ipod or Iphone so you can visually see what your swing looks like in detail. The SkyPro attaches to your golf club and captures swing date while your practicing, it provides instant analysis and key feedback on your swing.

GameTracker - GameTracker is the only product to offer a fully integrated, full-featured GPS rangefinder and scoring app. The SkyCaddie Mobile™ GPS rangefinder app not only gives you all of the distances you need to play each shot but shows the results overlaid on vivid HD maps to.

SkyCaddie produce GPS and game analyzing devices for every standard of golfer to suit all there needs, they even offer a launch monitor SkyTrak for the serious golf and pro's. Take a look at our full range of products. 

Free Delivery* On All Orders over £20 *Mainland UK only. Highlands and islands, Ireland and some remote areas excluded
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Skycaddie Tip from Hank Haney


Hi I’m Hank Haney and here’s a tip on how to get out of some trouble in the right hand side of the fairway.

I got some pine trees in front of me so one option is slice it around those trees. Another option is just to play out safe to the left had side of the fairway and pitch my ball on to the green.

Well the first thing I’m going to do is find out what I’m facing here. My skycaddie is going to help me out on that.

I got a 138 yards to the middle of the green. I’ve got 78 yards to carry the bunker and get my ball back into the fairway. Both of those two options are okay but depending on your skill level, you should pick one or the other. No matter what your goal here must be to make sure you don’t have these trees. Coz if I clear this bunker and don’t hit these trees here I’m going to have that ball in place somewhere where I can at least make a power bogey on this hole.

Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to play a cut shot. I got a 7 iron. I’m aiming well left of the green because this ball is going to tend to push off this lie and I’m just going to make a swing that’s a little outside the in and kind of hold that face open as I come through and just slice it right around that tree.

You got that ball up on the green. Not a hard shot after all. I sliced it in here I’ll be able to slice it out of here.

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