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Galvin Green Gloves News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Galvin Green produces a range of golf accessories to compliment the rest of your wear, with the intention to improve the performance of golfers in their game. The accessories they manufacture are designed to help golfers overcome difficulties they experience when playing. All golfers know that aside from clubs and golf balls, the apparel and personal equipment they use have a big impact on the golf course


When Galvin Green Wind Men’s Cold Weather Gloves was introduced in the market, their main purpose was protect the players’ hands from chilling winds as they walk their way through eighteen holes in cold weather conditions.

  • Galvin Green designed the glove to be windproof so the golfer is not bothered by the low temperature that limits his movements.  Galvin Green Wind Men’s Cold Weather Gloves stabilize the body temperature so the golfer plays at his optimal condition unaffected by cold winds that can severely affect the hands that wield the golf clubs.  

Using Galvin Green’s New 2016 Beck Wind Men’s Cold Weather Gloves eliminates the discomfort experienced by golfers during cold spells that regularly occur during golf games.  These gloves were developed to provide comfort and maintain the dexterity of the golfer during cold windy days. 

  • The technology applied by Galvin Green in the manufacture of these gloves consists of installing a protective warm layer of membrane that allows sweat to evaporate through the gloves to the outside, keeping the skin under the gloves warm and dry. The glove gives the golfer better grip and more control when swinging golf clubs.  

For added protection against the cold, the soft cuffs at the wrists are ribbed and made elastic to keep the gloves tight and secured.  The Galvin Green Beck Wind Men’s Cold Weather Gloves come in black for optimum body temperature control and the same model is offered to women, albeit with slight changes in physical specifications to fit the needs of women golfers.  These gloves are surprisingly easy to clean and maintain since they can withstand the rigors of machine washing. 

Our golfers are grateful that a company was able to design a glove that can be used during cold days. With the introduction of Galvin Green Beck Wind Men’s Cold Weather Gloves in the golf accessories market, poor performance during cold weather is no longer a threat to the golfer.  These gloves cost so little but the benefits they bring to the golfer are huge. They are available on the web here and can easily be ordered online from authorized Gavin Green dealers.  

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