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Waterproofs Advice, News and Buyers Guide

The need to have some golf waterproofs seems to get greater each summer! The weather now is so variable that it is not just winter time that we need to pack our wet gear. The materials that are used in the modern equipment will keep the water out yet allow your body to breath and stay comfortable. Read more in our news, advice and buyers guide.

With so many brands to choose from it can be difficult which brand to choose. Goretex really is the Rolls Royce of materials and if your budget will stretch a little we would highly recommend this material however there are many other superb materials that should be considered.

Make sure you check the guarantee on the product and we would advise that you do not by a waterproof that is cheap as they only seem to keep the water out for a few rounds or the perspiration is so great that you get wet from the inside.

It is also a key factor that the waterproof be comfortable and easy to swing in.

For more advice about waterproofs please visit our golf waterproofs buying guide.

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