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Tour Edge Hybrids News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Tour Edge has produced the best  Hybrids and rescue irons in the industry for several years now, offering the best possible game scenarios for the players.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG 6 Golf Hybrid.

The newest hybrid form Tour offers an extraordinary performance that features a pear-shaped design, with a tungsten steel sole and body and maraging steel cup face, it is sure to give the player the necessary balance and comfort for a good game of golf.

The face of the XCG 6 is made from maraging steel to give it a superior strength while still retaining its malleability this enable the club face to be thinner with minimal ball launch spin and maximum ball speeds.

The heavy tungsten sole gives the player an great heel and toe weight ensuring stability for every strike. The shallow face heigh of the XCG 6 and more cambered sole offers an easy swing and strike in any circumstances of the shot.

Tour Edge Exotics CB5 Golf Hybrid.

The CB5 is the latest hybrid brought to you by Tour edge, CB5 combines a maraging steel cupped face and a hyper steel body that allows a thinner face and great malleability for excellent strikes giving the player a superior feel and maximal ball distance. It also has a lower center of gravity and a deeper face that gives an excellent forgiveness.

Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max Golf Hybrid

The tour edge bazooka HT max golf hybrid has four internal weight cavities located in the heel and toe which gives superior stability giving the player an accurate shot with minimal effort. It also has a 20-gram tungsten sole weight that provides a lower and deeper center of gravity and an ultra-thin face technology drives the ball from more points on the face.

The tour edge bazooka HT max is the ideal hybrid for all levels of players.

Tour Edge HT Max D Golf Hybrid.

This newest hybrid from Tour Edge offers the latest technological advancement with its good look and aerodynamic design. HT Max is engineered to deliver higher moment of inertia and features an ultra thin forged face that delivers powerful distance from more contact point. It is indeed an outstanding hybrid available in the market that every golfer must have in their golf bags. 

Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Gold Golf Iron-Wood 3-SW

The Bazooka JMAX Gold Golf Iron-Wood 3-SW is the greatest hybrid breakthrough by Tour Edge. It has a crown-pull casting technology that allows additional weight for higher flying shots. Its design is state of the art giving the golfer a better shot it each game.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Gold Golf Iron-Wood Individual Club

This individual club has a crown-pull casting technology that allows higher flying shots because of it additional weights which is made possible by the latest innovations in making golf equipment. The topline is specially designed to me compatible with other Bazooka irons.

Tour Edge » Hybrids / Rescue Irons

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