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Galvin Green Waterproofs Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Rain is one of the biggest threats inside a golf course. Sometimes, it rains right in the middle of your game and it often makes playing very uncomfortable. You do not need to get wet while playing your favorite sport. 

The Galvin Green waterproofs are made from Gortex fabric. They are perfect in any type of outdoor sport and it is really waterproof. The material used in the jacket is lightweight and very breathable. You will be able to play any kind of sport and you will not have to worry about feeling heavy. The jacket allows full circulation so that you will always feel comfortable in your game. 

Other notable Galvin Green Jackets

Galvin Green Alvis Half Zip Short Sleeve Jacket

Comes in small and 4XL sizes, the Galvin Green Alvis Short sleeve jacket is specifically designed for those who want to wear more breathable material during golf tournaments. The jacket is waterproof and it has a half zip jacket based on Goretex signature fabric. It is ultra packable and ultra weight with great breathability. You can choose from three color models and various sizes. The front panel of the jacket is designed to provide you with minimum weight and with maximum movement with every swing.

To fully complete the jacket, it is designed with water repellant zippers, adjustable edges and bottoms as well as a zipper locked pocket. The pores are about 20,000 times than water and over 700 times larger than any type of water molecule, meaning it prevents water from entering its pores. So, you want long lasting and extremely easy to maintain with tumble dry design then this jacket is for you.

Galvin Green Andy Half Zip Waterproof Jacket

The best thing about golf is that you can play this type of sport whatever the weather may be. With the use of the Galvin Green Andy Waterproof jacket, you can now play in any kind of weather and you will not have to worry about the heat or the rain. The jacket comes with side seam with angle and cuffs which is based on rubber and elastic design.

The added anglers and the cuffs prevent water from seeping into the jacket. There are drawstrings found in each bottom edges of the jacket and they can be adjusted depending on your preference. Included in the jacket are inner panels and easy to adjust zippers. 


Galvin Green Waterproofs

Galvin Green Waterproofs is a very large golfing wear designer that is based in Sweden. They have some very respected designers working for them around the clock. The name is quickly becoming a valuable brand name amongst many professionals in the sport.

The most basic concept behind every line that the company creates is to be not only very attractive and stylish clothing, but also very effective for the game. It is no secret that the game of golf gets a lot of press (especially on the professional level) and many people that play like to make a certain fashion statement. The problem with effective golf wear of the past was that most of it was not very stylish however the waterproofs are both functional and stylish.

They also keep the concept of layering in mind when they design their wear. Golfers that are wearing a waterproof device will typically be wearing golf clothing, and sports style underwear, underneath their outermost waterproof layer. Some people have to turn to different brands for each option. They cleverly designs each specific layer of wear to fit well with the others.

Some people might think that a golfer wearing all these layers of gear with a waterproof layer might be
uncomfortable. Most people that prefer this gear, citecomfort as one of their primary concerns. Since the gear is built by professionals and layering is always kept firmly in mind, these pieces are usually very comfortable to wear. Golfers that choose comfortable clothing are typically more able to concentrate on the game that they are playing.

There are other lines of clothing and waterproofs that might be sold for very low prices. It is important to remember that when dealing with golf wear, a consumer really is going to get what they pay for. It is much better for a serious golfer to invest more in their gear so that they can concentrate more on the game. Most golfers do not mind spending a little more money for a higher level of quality.

Certain areas of the UK and Europe get so much rain that golfers really flock towards this range. The most serious golfer will never let a little rain stop them in their pursuit of eighteen holes!