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Footjoy Golf Shoes Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Footjoy has been around for more than a century and is no doubt the best manufacturer of golf shoes. It has been operating since 1857 and has been devoted in developing technology and designs that will enhance and improve their line of golf shoes. With considerable years and experience to back them up, Footjoy has become a very reliable and trusted manufacturer of golf shoes.

The basic key features for any Footjoy Shoes are the following:

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Stylish

Most Footjoy golf shoes are water resistant and have a one year or twelve months waterproof warranty. It is one of the key features that provides peace of mind for golfers.

Durability is something that Footjoy is great at. With all the decades of making golf shoes, they had determined the best materials for a durable, long lasting and yet comfortable ones. Comfort is something that comes naturally with Footjoy shoes. The company uses high quality materials that are lightweight yet durable. They usually use Duramax Rubbers for outsoles and EVA for midsoles.

FootJoy has three market segments when it comes to golf shoes:

  • for Men;
  • for Ladies
  • Junior 

There is quite a range of Footjoy golf shoes – from the most sophisticated ones to the most basic ones. Whatever you decide to buy, you will not be disappointed. Footjoy shoes are always comfortable and durable. Even experienced and seasoned golfers still use the shoes made for entry levels claiming that they are very light and comfortable yet very durable.

The Junior golf shoes of Footjoy are available in two stylish designs that will suit the tastes of the younger generation. Footjoy Junior is very popular among young golfers for being comfortable, light, stylish and durable golf shoes that could last all year round and more.

When it comes to the selection for the Ladies, there are lots of choices to choose from: DryJoys; FJ Sport; Women’s Contour; FJ LoPro Collection; LoPro Casual; AQL; SoftJoys; FJ Boots; and the Summer Series. Men, on the other hand has the most choices but regardless of what they choose to buy, it will always posses the basic key features of a Footjoy shoes - waterproof, durable, comfortable and stylish.

It might not seem much, but a good golfer knows exactly why getting the right shoes is crucial for every game. It helps the wearer gain firm footing when trying to hit a ball, therefore contributing to the power of their swing and the trajectory of the ball. With crudely chosen golf shoes, individuals will find themselves having a hard time hitting the target.

The good news is that the market is currently filled with different golf shoe options for the serious player such as Footjoy Golf Shoes.

Women – DryJoys

Simple yet classy, the Dry Joys model is made from full grain leather uppers that offer both comfort and durability. It comes with a waterproof warranty of one year and a forefoot flex zone that makes it easier to walk along stretches of land. The cleats come from Pulsar Cleats by Softspikes, the top selling cleat chosen by professionals and serious players. The shoes also come with Duramax Rubber Outsole which offers top gripping action for stable swings.

Women – LoPro Casual

For something casual out in the greens, this particular model provides excellent traction and comfort for the wearer. It offers  an athletic mesh liner for constant air circulation along with DuraMax Rubber Outsole is also used for maximum turf gripping. No waterproof Warranty is provided with this shoe

Men – FJ Icon

Available in different colors, the FJ Icon is made with luxurious calfskin detailing that is resistant to unsightly stretching. The model is also made with memory foam along the tongue and collar for a comfortable fitting mode. The shoes utilize different types of leather from the linings to the bed, ensuring breathability and durability throughout its use. As for the cleats, it uses the Stinger cleats by CHAMP that provides high quality traction and support without harming or pounding on the greens.

Men – DryJoys Tour

The DryJoys Tour comes in different colors and offers a 2-year waterproof warranty. It comes with ECL Leather System by Pittards which is 30% softer than previous leathers used by the brand. A Comfort Plus PU Fit-Bed provides comfortable cushioning for the foot while full leather linings ensure that the shoes remain tight while still keeping it breathable. The model utilizes Cyclone Cleats by Softspikes for solid traction an stability even for the most powerful golf swings.

Men – Contour Series

Something a bit more sophisticated for the boys, the Footjoy Golf Shoes contour series boasts of full grain leather uppers and super soft PU linings for fit and comfort. It also comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty and a TPU stability bridge to help with balance. It uses the Pulsar Cleats by Softspikes, the chosen cleats by avid golfers and professionals. It ensures rock solid stability with every swing.
Those are just some of the Footjoy Golf Shoes available in the market today. Individuals are advised to browse thoroughly before finally deciding on what to purchase for their game. 

Footjoy » Shoes