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Footjoy Golf Shoes Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Footjoy has been around for more than a century and is no doubt the best manufacturer of golf shoes. It has been operating since 1857 and has been devoted in developing technology and designs that will enhance and improve their line of golf shoes. With considerable years and experience to back them up, Footjoy has become a very reliable and trusted manufacturer of golf shoes.

The basic key features for any Footjoy Shoes are the following:

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Stylish

Most Footjoy golf shoes are water resistant and have a one year or twelve months waterproof warranty. It is one of the key features that provides peace of mind for golfers.

Durability is something that Footjoy is great at. With all the decades of making golf shoes, they had determined the best materials for a durable, long lasting and yet comfortable ones. Comfort is something that comes naturally with Footjoy shoes. The company uses high quality materials that are lightweight yet durable. They usually use Duramax Rubbers for outsoles and EVA for midsoles.

Footjoy shoes are always comfortable and durable. Even experienced and seasoned golfers still use the shoes made for entry levels claiming that they are very light and comfortable yet very durable.

It might not seem much, but a good golfer knows exactly why getting the right shoes is crucial for every game. It helps the wearer gain firm footing when trying to hit a ball, therefore contributing to the power of their swing and the trajectory of the ball. With crudely chosen golf shoes, individuals will find themselves having a hard time hitting the target.

Womens Range

The new season brings some great new shoes for the ladies. These shoes have in may ways been given the “E” name. The shoes are called the FJ enJoy, eMerge, emPower, and emBody. The colours this year are probably the best we have seen and it’s great to see they have kept the DNA and Casual Collections shoes as these were two of the most popular.

Mens Range

The mens FJ range have seen some solid upgrades and some great new models. The GreenJoy, AWD XL, Contour, Icon and Dryjoys remain in the range and although many models have been given a slight makeover these shoes are the bread and butter of the range and should continue to service the feet of any aspiring golfer.

The new models are the Hydrolite 2.0 and the Hyperflex (and Hypeflex BOA) and both of these models come in some great new colours and the Hyperflex will be seen on the feet of many top PGA tour players throughout the season.

Junior Range

The FJ junior range consist of two shoes which are smaller versions of the most popular gents versions. They are the DNA junior and HyperFlex junior shoes. 

Footjoy » Shoes


Boa Lace System - HOW IT WORKS



FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, has a long history of developing comfortable, performance golf shoes featuring the latest materials and technology. The Boa® Closure System enables FootJoy to deliver an even higher level of comfort and stability through a truly custom fitting golf shoe no matter your size or fit preference.



As you engage the system, the mechanical reel, steel laces, and nylon guides evenlypull across the instep, closing in the shoe collar, drawing the foot down and back into the heel for a secure, comfortable and consistent fit from the first tee to the 18th green.

Boa Lace System - VIDEO