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Footjoy Clothing News, Advice and Buyers Guide

If you are looking for the perfect golf gear to suit your comfort and style needs, you won’t go wrong with checking out the Footjoy golf clothing range. With versatile designs for maximum comfort, Footjoy gives you an edge on your golf game by providing you with only the best quality for a fair price.

Footjoy Golf Shirts

Footjoy offers you different golf shirt designs, both with short and long-sleeves for different weather and temperature playing conditions.

Short-sleeve designs include the polo shirts Footjoy Stretch Lisle Feeder Stripe and Stretch Lisle Chest Stripe-Athletic Fit. Other design lines, including the Stretch Pique Solid Colour and its Athletic Fit variety, are made of ProDry® fabric, ensuring better moisture and thermal management with an anti-microbial finish.

Footjoy’s long-sleeved golf shirt lines for cooler days include Performance Long Sleeve Collared Golf Shirt and Performance Long Sleeve Thermacool Stripe, also made with ProDry® fabric. The Performance Long Sleeve Golf Mock Shirt and Mock Base Layer Top, meanwhile, offer comfort despite thermal and weather changes, with cooling technology.

Footjoy shirts are highly durable with double-stitched seams and easy care features for fewer wrinkles and less shrinking. The Golf Mock models also have extra-long shirttails for easier tucking.

Footjoy provides all-weather comfort for year-round golfing, coming up with a pullover and slipover range to keep you warm on cooler days. Designs include the Lambswool V-Neck and Lambswool Crew Neck Golf Pullover. It also has a range of Performance wind shirts and vests for stronger wind conditions, and mittens for the harsh winter cold.

Footjoy pullovers are generally designed for versatile thermal comfort, easy to pull on or off in case of weather changes in the course. Like the shirts, they also come in all sizes (S-XXXL).

Footjoy Trousers

Your golf gear wouldn’t be complete without golf trousers, and Footjoy provides you varied trouser designs to choose from. Men’s WRT Xtreme Golf Trousers and Men’s Contemporary Golf Trousers are both newly-released Footjoy trouser lines, for your optimal comfort while taking a swing.

Find your fit with a range of 30-40” waist sizes and 29, 31 and 33” leg lengths.

Footjoy Socks

Footjoy offers premium performance socks made with fibre which controls foot moisture. The sole shape and design of Footjoy Techsof Tour Sport Socks and ProDry Quarter Socks are made for a perfect fit, with available sizes from UK6-UK12. The ProDry® fabric ensures maximum comfort for any golf player even in extreme action on the range.

Footjoy socks are available in 6-pair sets. 

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Footjoy Layering Tips

“The whole layering system has been far above the best I’ve ever worn.”

“Movement is huge. You know the best thing you can say about the jacket is that you don’t really realize you have it on.”

“I continue to tell people that I run into that when you put on the base layer then a golf shirt and then maybe one can wear if you have to but even with the base layer and the golf shirt you can swing freely almost like you’re not wearing just a golf shirt and the base layer gives you that warmth. If you have to put a sweater over it, it doesn’t get bulky. It’s really easy to swing in and the British open when we played in the last few years you need that layering system and it really feels great. Like I say you can really swing freely in it and it moves so well during your swing.”

“I feel that the footjoy stuff is just an extension of, it provides good waterproof layer but it does not bulge up or restrict your movement.”


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