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How you look on and off the course matters a lot. You can look smart while you play. Choosing the right clothing accessories such as your belt can greatly affect the way you look and the way you carry yourself. If you are confident with the way you dress, you are likely to feel confident with yourself. This confidence then affects the way you play.

Druh leather golf belts have professional ad smart looking designs that suits your taste no matter what look you want to achieve.

Druh belts and buckles have a unique interchangeable belt and buckle system. There are three simple ways to create your own Druh leather belts.

Choose your strap

Druh straps are either made from snakeskin, plain colored leather, full grain textured leather or crocodile textured leather. They come in a variety of fun, bold and bright colors. Whatever your fashion style is, there’s a Druh belt strap that will surely suit your taste.

Your Choice of buckle

There are numerous buckles to choose from. From butterfly knuckles to country flag buckles or flower-shaped buckles with fun designs and color. There is no stopping you from creating your own unique belt design. The Druh belt buckle adds a twist and character to your belt which makes it more fun and exciting.

Choose your size

Lastly, select the size of your waist line to correspond with the size of your belt. There are Druh belts that are designed to fit all. They can be cut according to your desired length and simply reinserted back to the buckle for that custom-made fit specifically for you.

What makes Druh belts and buckles unique is its interchangeable buckles that allow you to create your own customized belt that shows who you really are. It's not just about looking good on the golf course, it's about you being confident about yourself. Wearing something that you appreciate and makes you feel good affects your performance greatly.

Pro golfers such as Lee Westwood, Jean Chua, Robert Karlsson, Thomas Bjorn, Asleigh Simon and Paul McGinley all don their perfectly styled Druh belts. This only shows that you can have style while playing your favorite sport.
Most people say golf style can rather be dull and staid. Druh belts and buckles changed all that. Now you can have fun yet stylish and smart-looking attire with your belts. No wonder Druh belts and buckles have become an instant hit with pro golfers all over the world. 

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