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To get the wedge to spin the ball more and still comply with the new USGA tour regulations, Cobra has turned to Mother Nature for help. With their battle cry "In Rust, We Trust" the engineers of Cobra Golf launches the Trusty Rusty Wedge series, where Cobra simply lets the wedges literally rust away.

It's no big secret that rusty iron clubs put more spin on the ball. This was the concept behind the popularity of the RTG or Raw Tour Grind wedges that was extremely popular a decade ago. Now that the USGA has restricted the engineers from adding sharp edges on the clubface, Cobra has called upon short-game guru Phil Rodgers for help. And he has reached back in time to bring an old concept back.

Cobra's current line of wedges, the Trusty Rusty, is available in two versions - the regular Cobra Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge, and the Cobra Big Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge.

Cobra Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge

With the help of the latest technology, state-of-the-art machinery and the most modern manufacturing processes, Rodgers has produced the Cobra Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge - that are rusty by design. His design is not rusty, it is in fact, a brilliant design that is guaranteed to increase friction between the clubface and the ball to impart tremendous spin on the ball upon contact.

So while the other club manufacturers call upon their engineers to bring out their calculators, computers, and lasers to try to stretch the latest rules,  Cobra simply makes the wedge that conforms to the latest specifications and then lets it rust.

Rust, however is not the only redeeming qualities of the Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge. Equipped with the Tri-Bounce sole, which is essentially a triple-grind C-sole which gives it maximum bounce it the center yet allows for bounce relief in the heel and the toe. With Tri-Bounce Sole under it, the Trusty Rusty golf wedge becomes a versatile club that can be played in all sorts of uneven lies, opened or closed, depending on the player's wishes.

Made from un-plated Carbon Steel for softer feel, the clubhead also features a series aggressive machined grooves that is attached to the face in a process called post laser milling. The clubhead by itself is designed for maximum balance and forgiveness. With the weight distributed away from the center of the clubface, it resists twisting during off-center hits.

Cobra Big Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge

Manufactured to be 10% bigger than its brother, the Big Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge is crafted from special Low Density Lightweight Steel to allow the maker to put more material yet maintain the same weight and feel as the smaller club. The size of the clubhead allows for maximum forgiveness not only due to its size but also due to the fact that more weight could be distributed farther away from the impact area.

Highly recommended for the middle and high handicap players, the Cobra Big Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge carries the same features of the Trusty Rusty Golf Wedge.

Both golf wedge series are available in 3 rusted finishes: Pre-rusted all over, PVD Black (a black coating that wears off), and Satin with pre-rusted face.

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