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Cobra Hybrids News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Hybrid clubs, AKA: Rescue clubs because they "rescue" players from hitting the difficult long irons and help to get you out of rough grass where long irons would struggle. They sit in that area between fairway woods and irons. Like fairway woods, they have wider soles that allow the club to bounce off the turf for ease of contact, but they have the qualities of a long iron because they give the ball the needed loft and backspin to hold the greens.

Although they are easily mistaken for "woods" due to their rounded crown and wide sole, their extremely high lofts and shorter shafts make them perform like regular iron clubs.

With their customary flair for new technology, Cobra Golf brings their innovative spirit to the fore with their new line of hybrid golf clubs. With last year's success still ringing in the air, Cobra quickly follows up this year with the Cobra Bio Cell Hybrids and the Baffler XL Hybrids.

Cobra Bio Cell Hybrids

The Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid is designed for all golfers, easy to use and adjustable, it can be set to suit your golf swing. Featuring 8 different loft settings to optimise performance and to get rid of theat dreaded yardage gap between clubs. The Bio Cell hybrids use the E9 face technology which removes weight from the face and crown to deliver maximum MOI for increased forgivness, even on off centre shots. Available in 2-3H, 3-4H and 4-5H. They also come in 5 stylish colours, black, silver, red, blue and orange.

Cobra also do a ladies version which is available in 3 different colours 4-5H and 5-6H.

Cobra Baffler XL Hybrid

The Baffler XL hybrids are designed for higher handicap golfers who need a little more help to get the ball launching higher with maxiumu forgiveness and distance. Designed to make golf easier, the perimtere of the clubface is weighted with 20g of tungsten to create maximum MOI for forgiveness and distance on off centre shots. There are rails in the sole of the club which provide smooth turf interaction, helping you to strike to ball cleanly. Available in 2-7H, this golf hybrid will be a great addition to your golf bag.

Also available in ladies 3-7H.