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Glenmuir Clothing News, Advice and Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for an all-weather golf gear, Glenmuir can offer you a wide range of choices for varied weather conditions. Whether you’re playing during cold, warm, or windy days, Glenmuir’s golf clothing line has sweaters, windshirts, slipovers, shorts and trousers fit for different climates.

Glenmuir has a wide variety of designs for every clothing article especially made to optimize your comfort and performance on the range. However, they are not only about comfort — each line has its signature design and features which make it unique from other Glenmuir models.

Glenmuir Golf shirts

Glenmuir’s gender-specific lines offer different designs for both men and women for all their products. Glenmuir Men’s Ralia Plain Colour Cotton Polo and Lewis Cotton Roll Collar Polo Neck are both made from 100% cotton and ideal for both layering and solo use.

The Men’s Baffin Hi-Cool Fitted Performance Golf Base Layer Shirt, meanwhile, uses Hi-Cool management moisture technology for moisture control and maximum comfort on any weather. Glensmuir also has a lambswool shirt line, made with pure resilient lambswool.

The ladies line of Glenmuir, meanwhile, includes the Sophie, Tess, and Mallow Shaped Fit Polo designs. Sophie shirts are lightweight, 95% cotton-made with elastane for a stretchable fit. The Mallow line offers sleeveless comfort for warm days, while the Tess line features long-sleeved shirts to keep warm during cold weather.

Also check out the variety of Glenmuir windshirts and vests for both genders for harsh wind conditions, and slipovers for quick wardrobe adaptation to climate changes on course.

All Glenmuir golf shirts for both men and women are available in different colours and sizes, giving you a wide variety of designs and fit to choose from. Light pastel colours are especially available for the ladies’ designs, proving that Glenmuir is not only about comfort, but also style.

Shorts and Trousers

Play golf in comfort with your choice of Glenmuir shorts and trousers. The selection includes the Glenmuir Stenton 100% Polyester Golf Shorts, wrinkle-resistant and comfortable for both on and off-course use.

Glenmuir’s trouser design lines include the lightweight, Teflon-coated Delny 100% Polyester and the warmer Hudson Water Resistant Trousers. All pants and shorts are available in waist sizes from 30-42” and all leg lengths. 

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