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Top Golf Drivers For 2020

By on March 18, 2020

The Best 2020 Golf Drivers As Listed By Golf Digest Best 2020 Golf Drivers from Golf Digest

Golf Drivers are a huge part of the golfing game. Each year, brands across the world, design and manufacture a new driver which they believe will be the number #1 on the golf market. Golf Digest for 2020 have outlined 22 of the best drivers for this year using their Gold and Silver System. The Golf Shop Online is proud to announce that out of the 19 gold Drivers listed, we have 14 of them listed on our website.

Callaway Mavrik/Sub Zero/Max – Gold Award

Three different heads for three different player types. Callaway have gone all out this year by introducing the Mavrik family. Callaway’s director of research and development for metal woods, Evan Gibbs quoted “Each of the faces is uniquely optimised for that head geometry, for that player type, for that expected impact location, for those expected head speeds,” What you’ll notice about all three drivers is a cyclone aero head shape which is an all new design by Callaway. The aero head shape is designed to reduce the amount of drag throughout impact.

Click here for Callaway Mavrik Driver

Review of Callaway Mavrik Drivers


Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo – Gold Award

Cleveland have gone simple for 2020. No Adjustable features on the Launcher HB Turbo allows you to not worry about if your club needs to be set up for a draw or a fade.  A lighter head, a lighter shaft, a lighter everything, Cleveland have focused on what the average golfer wants.. simplicity. Yes, you may think that this club has nothing to it however Cleveland saved 35 Grams which has then been developed into the rear of the club head to increase stability on off-centre strikes allowing for more forgiveness.

Click here for Cleveland Launcher Driver

Mizuno ST200/G/X – Gold Award

Mizuno have upgraded the ST190 Family to the ST200 family for 2020. The result of this is a thinner and more flexible variable-thickness face that provides extra ball speed and distance. Like other competitors, Mizuno have opted for three different heads. The ST200 provides a more forgiving feel, the ST200G provides two sliding weights in the sole for adjustment and the ST200X provides an anti-slice weight. Mizuno have incorporated a bike racing material within the face of their new drivers. David Llewellyn, director of research and development at Mizuno quoted, “The Simple explanation is that SAT 2041 Titanium is both stronger and more flexible then the 6-4 titanium that has been commonly used in drivers in the past”

Click here for Mizuno ST200 Driver


Review Of Mizuno ST200 Drivers


TaylorMade SIM/Max/Max D – Gold Award

Could this be considered one of the nicest looking drivers ever? With it’s aerodynamic design, it’s certainly up there! TaylorMade have redeveloped their wood design. As quoted by Golf Digest “ Before you think this change reflects a sudden shift in philosophy that came to be over the last year, consider this: This pursuit is the culmination of work that dates back more than a decade” TaylorMade have been working on a driver for decades that will suit all handicappers. A key feature in the making of the SIM drivers is the wind tunnel testing TaylorMade have been providing at a San Diego Low Speed wind tunnel dating back to 2008. By wind tunnel testing, the latest design reflects a shape change which pushes weight deep and low into the aerodynamic frame which allows for more club head stability.

Click here for TaylorMade Sim Driver

Titleist TS1/TS2/TS3/TS4 – Gold Award

Not one, not two, not three but four Titleist driver options. You may feel like you’re spoilt for choice, however each driver has been designed for a specific need. New for 2020, the TS1 which is Titleist’s lightest ever driver and the ultra low-spin TS4 joins the forgiving TS2 and the adjustable weighted TS3 to create a highly recommended line-up. During manufacturing, Stephanie Luttrell director of Metal wood development quoted “Every driver is tested for spring-like effect at the USGA limit. Those that fall short of the goal speed are re-engineered to match the goal number”

Click here For Titleist TS4 Driver

Review Of Titleist TS Driver Range


To see the full version from Golf Digest please click here

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