Understanding the Ping Colour Chart & Dot System

By on March 5, 2024

Ping Colour Chart – can you understand it?

Are you looking for a new set of Ping golf clubs? Understanding the Ping colour chart and colour code system used by Ping will enable you to select a set that best suits your game. Ping’s unique colour code refers to the lie angle, which is the angle between the club’s shaft and the sole of the club in relation to its length.

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Sounds very technical, but it really isn’t, and by checking the chart below, you will find out the best club set up for you. It is important to ensure you get the best out of your clubs. Buying new golf clubs is a big investment, and custom-fitting them correctly can improve your shot-making and create better scores.

Step One:- Once you have downloaded your Ping Colour Code Chart from Ping.com you can see that you have overall height measurements along the top and wrist-to-floor measurements down the side. If you want to use a metric scale, look at the bottom.


Step Two:- Firstly, you need to see if you suit a longer or shorter shaft. Find your overall height along the top, and immediately underneath, you will see any alteration if needed. For example, if you are between 5ft 7 inches and 6ft 1 inch, you should be a standard length, but if you are on either side of this, you will need to have shafts extended or decreased by the measurement recommended.


Step Three:- If you then intersect your overall height with your wrist-to-floor measurement, you will clearly see the colour band that best suits your size. Currently, there are 12 colours ranging from maroon to gold.

As a general rule, the taller you are, the more upright you will need your clubs, and the shorter you are, the flatter you will need to be. Your lie angle measurement is stated under the colour, which is also handy to know, especially if you already have a custom-fit set of clubs from other manufacturers and are trying to compare.


Step Four:- If you are bordering between two colour codes, according to Ping’s website, you should determine whether your ball flight with your irons is typically a fade, slice, hook or draw. If you want to reduce your fade or slice, choose a more upright colour code instead of reducing your hook or draw that would require a flatter colour.

Here at The Golf Shop Online, we acknowledge the importance of custom fitting and want to make sure you tailor your specification to your game and swing. We have a page just dedicated to Ping Custom Fit Advice, and if you wish to discuss any aspects of the Ping colour chart or have any queries about your recommendation, feel free to contact us, and our team of staff and PGA professionals will do all they can to help.

New Ping Colour Code Chart

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