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By on January 8, 2020

Introducing the latest TaylorMade SIM Family, Shape In Motion!


Meet the SIM’s the TaylorMade SIM and latest TaylorMade Family to be introduced to the golfing world.

TaylorMade challenged there engineers to bring golfers more speed and forgiveness, in any way, shape or form. This year shape has won! Re-shaping the Driver, so you can now Re-shape your game. TaylorMade have once again disrupted the product market with another revolutionary new design.


In TaylorMade’s limitless pursuit to help golfers improve, they have once again re-imagined and re-shaped the metalwoods market. Discovering the new shape of driver performance. An asymmetric sole design and powerful inertia generator have combined to increase aerodynamics and speed at the most critical stage of the golf swing.

This blog will give you the low down on each new model launched in the SIM metalwoods product range.

SIM Drivers

The TaylorMade SIM family brings in 3 key players to the Driver market. SIM, SIM MAX and SIM MAX D. Just like before the SIM Driver is the most adjustable with a moveable weight track system and loft sleeve adjustment, while the SIM MAX gives you complete forgiveness with the adjustable loft sleeve and the SIM MAX D is a draw bias driver designed to produce up-to 20 yards of draw, through 3 key stages.

To learn more about each new model in detail you can check out the latest Drivers here at The Golf Shop Online

SIM Fairway Woods

Two new models feature for the SIM fairway wood. SIM Ti and SIM Max. The iconic TaylorMade V-Steel design has been re-invented in the all new SIM fairway woods. In a multi-material construction, prepare yourself for higher launch. Give yourself the confidence to attack any lie, the v-shaped sole plate has been designed to enhance turf interaction, your fairway wood game is about to get a whole lot better!

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