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Should I wear a Golf Glove?

By on February 3, 2020

One of the first questions a new golfer tends to ask is ‘Do I really need to wear a golf glove?‘ The most stubborn of us may initially find the use of a golf glove to be something rather superstitious, or even a crutch that players have come to rely upon. When we see people pouring cash into the smallest of items that they say will finally be the one thing they needed to fix that nagging problem in their golf game, it is easy to scoff.

If wearing a golf glove feels unnatural at first, then this is normal to a point, but usually indicative of wearing a glove that is too small or too big. If the Velcro of the glove seems to have a lot of extra left over then this is a sign that one may be testing out a glove that is too big for your hand. A golf glove should, well, fit like a glove. Poor quality leather can also make the use of a glove uncomfortable, so choose a good brand like Titleist; perhaps the Titleist Permasoft if you feel that most gloves are too unwieldy and or not malleable. The Titleist Permasoft is just one of their range, but has received great welcome from those in the golf community resistant to wearing golf gloves.

So can you go without a golf glove? Look to the professional players for your answer – it is very rare to see a professional player not wearing a golf glove. Fred Couples is a notable example. What is the reason for the golfing world going glove crazy? Grip. The skin of our hands is a fantastic and amazing thing, but it cannot offer the same amount of grip as a good golf glove. Our hands sweat, particularly in stressful situations like golf competitions, and this causes our grip to be poor and slip.

The good thing about golf gloves is that although they are a virtually indispensable tool on the golf course, they are much cheaper than some of the other tools you’ll be tempted into buying. Golf gloves of high quality, like the aforementioned Permasoft from Titleist, are available in great number and at low cost. If you feel uncomfortable wearing them on the golf course for extended periods of time you can of course take them off between shots, and having a small towel handy is always a good idea on the golf course.

About James Langmead

James Langmead is the golf professional at Stover Golf Club in Newton Abbot

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