Leather vs All-Weather Gloves Test

By on July 1, 2022

With so many different styles of gloves on the market, many with different features, it can be confusing as to which one could be best for you. Possibly the biggest differences come between leather and all-weather options. This is a particularly important decision to make when living in the UK where you can tee off in blistering sunshine and have the wet-weather gear out by the time you reach the turn! Luckily, we got our head PGA professional Mark Crossfield to take a look at leather vs all-weather gloves and put them to the test. For this review, we used 2 of our most popular models, the FootJoy StaSoft and WeatherSof.

Leather GlovesFootJoy StaSof Leather Glove

The StaSof is an almost completely leather glove barring strategically placed PowerNet™ mesh inserts for improved comfort and breathability. It is a high-performance glove that provides great traction, feel and performance in optimal conditions. This performance has led to it becoming the #1 used cabretta leather glove in the world for over 25 years. However, this performance can significantly drop in inclement weather, allowing the WeatherSof to come into its own.

FootJoy WeatherSof All-Weather GloveAll-Weather Gloves

The WeatherSof blends performance leather with FootJoy’s own synthetic FibreSof material. The leather is placed in key areas of the glove to try and maintain a high-quality feel in dry conditions. On the other hand, the synthetic materials aid the glove’s durability and grip across all conditions.

Leather vs All-Weather Gloves, which Should I Choose?

Both gloves certainly serve a purpose in your golf bag and in unpredictable environments one of each could be your best option. However, if you have to choose one, the WeatherSof is probably a better all-round option thanks to its versatile blend of materials to maintain performance and traction in all conditions. Having said this, in the more predictable weathers of summer or warmer climates, the StaSof will provide far superior performance.



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