Ping G25 Golf Driver Review

By on April 13, 2019

Ping G25 Driver – The Ultimate Review

Now it’s time to sift through all of the readily available information about the Ping G25 Driver, in a line of popular game improvement drivers. We’ll come up with the ultimate review and determine if the Ping G25 Driver turns out to be as good as advertised.

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Remember, while we review the information on the product ourselves and give it to you, we also pull together as many reviews as possible from other golf websites, golf magazines and golf advertisements. This lets you get all of the available information on the Ping G25 Driver in one convenient place.

Keep in mind that some of those reviews from golf magazines and websites will be paid for by advertisers, leading to biased reviews that are unfairly positive.

Ping has been getting a lot of extra attention since spokesman Bubba Watson won the Masters in 2012, so most golfers are probably at least somewhat familiar with their line of clubs.

Let’s review some of the official information and specifications on the Ping G25 Driver.

Ping G25 Driver Specifications

To start off, there are a few constants among the specifications. Each version of the Ping G25 Driver available to the public comes with no offset and a 58-degree lie angle. The head weight is constant at 205 grams and the head size is maxed out at 460cc. The swing weight is D3 and all versions of the club are available for right handed and left handed players.

In addition, the club comes in a standard length of 45.75 inches. Thus, the only variable specification is the loft of the driver. The Ping G25 Driver is available in lofts of 8.5 degrees, 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees. In addition, loft can be adjusted by one-half degree either way, which lets golfers adjust their trajectory and maximise distance.

Keep in mind that this is a change that cannot be made within the round, at least within the rules of golf.

Ping G25 Driver Shaft Specifications

There are two types of shafts available with a variety of specs for each. The TFC 189D is available in five different flexes: Soft Regular, Regular, Stiff, Tour Stiff and Tour X-Stiff.

The TFC 189D Soft Regular flex shaft has 5.5 degrees of torque, weighs 48 grams and has a high launch angle. The TFC189D Regular flex shaft has 5.0 degrees of torque, weighs 53 grams and has a mid high launch angle.

The TFC 189D Stiff flex shaft has 4.8 degrees of torque, weighs 58 grams and launches at a mid angle. The TFC 189D Tour Stiff flex staff has 4.2 degrees of torque and weighs 60 grams. It launches at a low mid launch angle.

The Tour X-Stiff flex shaft has 4.1 degrees of torque and weighs 64 grams. It launches at a low angle.

The other shaft available is the TFC 80D, which comes in two different flexes: Late and Soft Regular.

The TFC 80D Lite flex shaft has 6.4 degrees of torque and weighs 48 grams with a high launch angle. The TFC 80D Soft Regular flex shaft has 5.5 degrees of torque and weighs 53 grams with a high launch angle.

Ping G25 Driver Grip Specifications

There are two grips available for this driver: the 360 ID8 and the 360 ID8 Full Cord.

The 360 ID8 is a round grip that is designed specifically for Ping’s drivers and fairway woods with adjustable loft technology. It is available in six different colour-coded sizes.

The 360 ID8 Full Cord is also a round grip for Ping’s adjustable loft drivers and fairway woods. It is firmer in texture, which helps to control direction, and has a softer texture in the lower portion of the shaft for better feel. Soft cord is included to improve traction and grip ability.

Pros Using the Ping G25 Driver

According to Golf Week, both Bubba Watson (Pink Version) and Hunter Mahan are playing the new Ping G25 Driver. Watson likes the forgiveness of this line of drivers.

“We don’t like to talk about off center hits,” Watson said, “but when I miss one, this driver saves my butt.”

Other Reviews of the Ping G25 Driver





The article from GolfWRX on the new Ping G25 Driver draws some interesting contrasts between this driver and other industry leading drivers. For example, ping has decided to move the center of gravity in this driver lower and farther back. TaylorMade, on the other hand, has moved its center of gravity lower and farther forward.

The TaylorMade approach reduces spin and means faster ball speeds, while the Ping approach makes for more forgiveness when shots are hit off center and creates a higher launch angle.

Ping is banking on golfers being able to still fit themselves for maximum distance while adding forgiveness, according to GolfWRX, “As a result, most testers went down in loft and saw a 1-mph increase in ball speed with the new model, Jertson said.”

GolfWRX also points out that the face of the G25 is two percent larger than that of the G20, and it has more inertia and is thus more forgiving as well.

Golf Digest 

Golf Digest




Golf Digest pointed out that this is the sixth generation of Ping’s drivers and the first of them to be adjustable. That’s a sign of the time on the driver market, as more and more models are coming out with adjustable versions.

Golf Digest breaks their reviews down into “hot” and “not” features of the club. They like the forgiveness of the large head and the adjustability, which they say enables the golfer to find the proper launch easily. On the other hand, they note that the driver is only adjustable for loft, which does not help to combat a slice.

Still, the club received a 2013 Hot List Goal rating. It received 4.5 stars out of five for performance, four out of five stars for innovation, four out of five stars for demand and 4.5 stars out of five for look/feel/sound.

Golf Digest’s anonymous low handicapper wrote, “It gets up in the air fast. Better players might not like that, but for anyone with a problem launching it, this will be a savior.”

Their middle handicapper said, “I love how it frames the ball. The solid feel oozes confidence.” found more pros than cons for the Ping 25 Driver, pointing out that it delivered an “outstanding combination of carry and roll; many testers consider it to be a straight up rocket launcher.”

Someone at TaylorMade probably cringed upon reading that comment. also said the driver was very straight and offered little loss distance on shots that do not connect with the center of the face. The feel was a big pro as well, and the playability ranked among the best clubs tested.

On playability, they wrote, “One of the top-rated for this category; repeatable, boring trajectory goes through all types of wind; easy to curve shots when desired. also approved of the matte black finish on the club head, which they called a “stealth appearance that’s a nice change of pace.”

As for cons, there weren’t many. Some testers thought the club head was too big, while others didn’t think the feel was quite as good as other clubs.


The Ping G25 Driver, much like its predecessors, sounds like a great driver for game improvement or for any golfer who wants improved forgiveness and accuracy off of the tee.

While the driver is adjustable, it does need to be noted that there are no adjustments to promote a draw or fade bias. Former versions of the club could be bought with those biases, despite a lack of adjustability.

The style of the club certainly stands out when you look at it, and that will come down to personal feel. If you like the matte black look and the bigger club head, then this club should give you a lot of confidence at address.

If you prefer a glossier finish or a smaller club head, this may not be the driver you want to go with.

Still, as much as people focus on distance with the driver, it’s a lot better to hit it 10 yards shorter and in the fairway for most golfers. All drivers these days will deliver solid distance thanks to advances in technology, thus most mid to high handicappers would be wise to opt for a driver that delivers improved forgiveness.

That not only means that the club will be more accurate, but also that your off centre ball strikes won’t lose as much distance when compared to your pure hits.

That might actually mean that a club with forgiveness averages more distance for you in the long run anyway.

If you are looking to find the most suitable driver either take PGA Qualified advice or visit NFlight which is a fantastic tool to get custom fit online. It asks the right questions and if you are honest with your answers (Do you honestly carry the ball 280 yards!!!!) you will get some true results

Ping N Flight









Heres what we found on You tube

Firstly we always like the golf gurus review as it is totally unbiased and he actually hits quite a few shots with the club

Golf Monthly do a review but it is just an overview of the club and you might as well read the brochure but I thought I would let you have a look if you wish

This is the official video from Ping

Also a useful comparison below can show you the difference between some of the latest Ping drivers

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